Wednesday 25th. June, 2014 – We are getting there! 

I took this picture just before dinner this evening as a record of all that has been achieved. Actually you can’t see all that much because for most of the day we have been working on the other side of the roof and, by the end of the day, the shingles have been completed there. That isn’t the end, however, we still have to fit the ridge and then add bargeboards all around the roof. There are a few other touches which we hope to make and if the weather is good tomorrow we will continue to work our way through them

Up early and walked Mix before breakfast. Then Tom arrived with his trailer. We went off to Pearsons and bought some wood for bargeboards, some more nails for fitting shingles and some Hammerite. From Pearsons we went to JTS and bought fence posts and fifty metres of fence wire netting. This is to extend the garden around the corner from the back of the Granary to the entrance driveway.

From JTS we went to Gavinton and picked up Dorothy who took Tom’s car from Mount Pleasant after we had dropped off the trailer. Then it was hard at it to put shingles on the north side of the summer house roof, breaking for lunch and starting again after a fairly short break.

Tom working on the shingles – he is right up at the top of the north side: the job is nearly done

With little time before it was time to stop for the day, instead of fitting the ridge, we set up the clock and fitted it to the new dormer. It looks really good!

Tom set off for home. Rachel came across to the summer house and we worked on the music for Abbey St. Bathans on Sunday. I took Mix for a walk and then went and sorted out clothes – washing, drying and putting away. We dined in the farmhouse hearing as we ate how Olive was getting on with her marking of examination papers, how Digger had been digging in his dome and how Mum had been chasing up the staff who are overseeing the sale of her flat. Everyone has been making progress. Rachel’s news was that she and Sandy had been working hard in the Stables for much of the day and that the weaving loom is now up and ready to weave. Rachel and Sandy will be back in the Stables on Friday and there will be more to report then.

In the evening I watched an old episode of Rebus (one of the John Hannah adventures) and then, after half an hour at my desk, I watched Newsnight before bed.


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