Monday 13th. January, 2014 – Cold, and frosty as well 

Mix has found a way to keep warm

It was another cold and frosty morning. I got up and walked Mix before returning to the Granary – no breakfast at the farmhouse today because Olive and Digger were away in Dundee for the day. My task was to go into the farmhouse every hour or so and ensure that the stove was stocked up with wood to keep Mum warm.

My task for the day was to start unearthing books from the barns and bring them into the summerhouse. I searched for the missing table without success but then unearthed a whole lot of boxes of books in the Hen House. I spent the rest of the day bringing boxes into the summer house and unpacking them, trying to dispose of some where possible. (There is something really unnatural about getting rid of a book – I have started a store of those I know I will not require and they will go back into the barn until I can find someone who might want them. I hope that it is not because I am a hoarder, rather that I appreciate the value and importance of books and want to treat them with respect.)

There was a major distraction in the middle of the afternoon when Rowan escaped through the gate when Rachel was letting Mix out to come and join me. Rachel and I went running down the road, waving down cars and, of course, with our hearts in our mouths but, fortunately, all ended well and we will be even more vigilant about the gate from now on.

I had ordered two new sets of 3-D glasses so that Mum and Olive could come and see our 3-D film. Amazon emailed me at 8 a.m. to say they would be delivered between ten past three and ten past four this afternoon. They arrived at 3.15 precisely – no wonder that Amazon are putting so many people out of business. They are just so efficient. (I'm not supporting them, merely stating the obvious.)

A Wintery View -- the Farmhouse from Bramble Avenue this afternoon

Stopped work in the afternoon to walk Mix along Bramble Avenue and took this picture of the farmhouse from the ‘avenue’. It really is becoming quite wintery. I also took this picture of the sky – although it was not yet four in the afternoon, the moon is clearly visible:

I also took a picture looking south-west from Bramble Avenue. I am so taken with how different it is here from anywhere I have lived before. I love the rolling fields, the hedgerows and the trees separating the fields. I love the colours and the silhouettes. I love the smell and the huge openness which is the Borders – no hills towering over us just quite distant horizons and a sense that everything is so fertile and that the fields are just waiting for the chance to help some crop grow as soon as it is planted.

Looking south west from Bramble Avenue

Back at the Granary I sorted another couple of boxes of books and then went across to the farmhouse for another excellent meal. Then it was quickly back to the summer house to unpack a final box before returning to the Granary to relax for a little while before bed. We watched the second part of the thriller based in the aftermath of Bletchley Park and caught up with the News and Newsnight. Then I walked Mix around the policies (Rachel had already walked Rowan and retired to bed) before getting to bed myself. It is still an extremely cold night – the sky is clear and there is no need for a torch, such is the brightness of the reflected light from the moon.


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