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      • Tuesday 30th. December, 2014 -- The Fifth Day of Christmas

        Three generations of another branch of our family — my Aunt Agnes (very special because she is also my God-mother), her grandson Robbie, and Robbie’s Dad Martin. They popped down to see us this morning. Rachel is making a kilt for Robbie and today was the day of the all-important fit

      • Monday 29th. December, 2014 – A Special Day

        My new work station – having moved from the summer house to the Bothy which will be my office base for my new job, starting on Thursday

        Today is a special day for us as we were married forty- five years ago today in Beverley. It was a Monday and there was snow around. Today

      • Sunday 28th. December, 2014 – The last Sunday of the Year

        All too soon Christmas trees will disappear – so here is a picture of the tree at Gavinton Church where we worshipped this morning

        Rose, walked Mix and breakfasted before driving to Gavinton Church with Rachel and Mum. I had had a bit of an adventure this morning – our fro

      • Saturday 27th. December, 2014 – The Partying Continues

        I gave everyone a break this Christmas – by leaving my camera at home. So this picture was not taken today but is of one of the courses of my Christmas Dinner in the farmhouse. Easy seen why I have to start on a diet as soon as we are into the New Year. As I said yesterday, this really

      • Friday 26th. December, 2014 – Boxing Day

        This is a picture I took yesterday just as Christmas Dinner was about to be served at Mount Pleasant. We are around the table and the light is just beginning to fade. We had a lovely meal and a very Happy Christmas

        I slept in – well, that’s what one does on Boxing Day if o

      • Thursday 25th. December, 2014 – A very Happy Christmas

        The Christmas Candles burning in Gavinton Church this morning -- the four red candles of Advent around the single white candle of Christmas

        Today was immense! It was a wonderful, spectacular, glorious day.

        I suppose I start by reporting that late on the evening of C

      • Wednesday 24th. December, 2014 – Christmas Eve and everything is ready

        Our front room is ready for Christmas and Rachel has it looking festive and swell. We too are ready with everything prepared. What a difference from when I was working when there would be so many services over the next few hours. I am looking forward to bringing Christmas in at Gavinton

      • Tuesday 23rd. December, 2014 – A Strange Day

        Taken by surprise! I caught Rachel while she was sitting in the very fine bar at the Maltings Theatre in Berwick. She was reading the programme before we went in to the excellent production last night and looked up just as I pressed the shutter

        Up and got organised quite slowl

      • Monday 22nd. December, 2014 – We visit the Pantomime and Glasgow is in mourning

        Last year we enjoyed the pantomime so much that as soon as the tickets became available for this year’s pantomime I was straight on line putting in our order. Tonight we all – Mum, Olive, Digger, Rachel and I – went along to enjoy Dick Whittington; we were not disappointed. Of cour

      • Sunday 21st. December, 2014 – The Fourth Sunday of Advent

        I don’t really know the story of this donkey but he seems to appear in Gavinton Church every year at this time. He reminds me a bit of a rabbit but I suspect that his real purpose is to remind us of the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in the Christmas story. He does make me smile
      • Saturday 20th. December, 2014 – It is still extremely cold

        A picture of David on the ladder completing the cable junction which has taken a telephone and a computer signal to the Bothy. I was anxious to take the picture from this side, even as it is in to the sun, because David tells me that this is his better side

        Up and walked Mix b

      • Friday 19th. December, 2014 --- My but it is cold!

        Things continue to take shape in the Bothy. Today David has been working to install wifi and telephone connections and I am starting to move in some of the Presbytery bits and pieces which have been given to me by Helen to enable me to take up my new post at the start of January
      • Thursday 18th. December, 2014 – Another interrupted night

        Tom and I went to Duns Kirk this morning for the primary school service. I didn’t like to take a picture of the service (although lots of the parents were) so I took this picture as everyone was leaving. I had never been inside the Church before and I was struck by the size of the wors

      • Wednesday 17th. December, 2014 – Mouse tracking and Carol singing

        This evening Tom and I drove up to Longformacus to join the folk carol singing, something we had done last year. Tom is always in great demand because he takes his accordion with him and makes music

        Didn’t sleep too well because Rachel was convinced that we had a mouse in th

      • Tuesday 16th. December, 2014 – Rachel is struck down with the dreaded lurgy

        It really is very cold today and Mix has taken to wearing his winter coat (even when sitting in front of the heater). I am surprised by how much he clearly enjoys putting it on and how proud he looks when people admire him in it

        Woke and discovered that Rachel had finally succ

      • Monday 15th. December, 2014 – Starting on the library

        Now things are beginning to take shape. The library is at the stage where it seems that there are very few books on the shelves (even although we have been at it for hours0. Very soon the shelves will be full and we will be looking for more space. At present the books are only being sort

      • Sunday 14th. December, 2014 – Imagine that – a working Sunday!

        Rachel put the flowers in Church this morning. I thought that they looked very good – and if you look closely you can just see a couple of our Christingles squeezing into the picture

        Rose, showered, walked Mix and breakfasted before setting off with Mum and Rachel for Gavint

      • Saturday 13th. December, 2014 A busy Saturday

        Mix inspects the Christmas tree

        Got up and took Mix for a walk before having a lovely hot shower and setting off (with Mix) for Gavinton Church where I helped Rachel set out the Christingles and marvelled at the work of decorating the Church for Christmas.

        On the wa

      • Friday 12th. December, 2014 – Another day kilt-making (not me)

        A view of the kilt-making studio today. Everyone is hard at work and the loom is being re-warped at the same time (by the end of the day some beautiful weaving had been produced)

        Rose and walked Mix before breakfast. David arrived and we set about installing the final four pow

      • Thursday 11th. December, 2014 – We stop work to prepare for Christmas!

        The new studio now ready for plastering, something which is beyond our ken. It looks good though, and once plastered is going to be a great addition to Mount Pleasant

        Woke and walked Mix in the snow before driving to Pearsons with Rachel to collect two new gas bottles to ensur

      • Wednesday 10th. December, 2014 -- Two really lovely meals

        Rachel, Olive, Mum and Digger enjoying their meal at the Black Bull tonight. It was an excellent evening and a superb meal and made me realise how close we are to Christmas and how much I am looking forward to it

        Woke, walked Mix, breakfasted and joined Neil and Tom in the Hen

      • Tuesday 9th. December, 2014 – Getting on with it!

        There is quite a difference since yesterday and I am really pleased. Mind you, we will be relying on the services of a really good plasterer to cover up our defects but we won’t be the first to do that!

        Rose, walked Mix and breakfasted in time to be ready for Neil who was co

      • Monday 8th. December, 2014 – Colds update!

        A picture of the upstairs of the Hen House as it is today. David has installed a temporary light and we are already to start plaster-boarding again. Using this picture as a base I will be able to illustrate the progress we make

        Rose early to drive Rachel’s Bongo into Duns fo

      • Sunday 7th. December, 2014 --- It’s cold!

        Since I retired and now attend Church as a member of the congregation I have noticed that I appreciate things much more than when I was rushing around responsible for all that happened. This little bunch of flowers was on the communion table (not sure about that, mind) and I was struck b

      • Saturday 6th. December, 2014 – St. Nicholas’ Day

        Mix enjoyed being in the summerhouse today -- although there have been great changes here, Mix's cushion still remains in front of the heater. Mix is happy!

        Rose gingerly and walked Mix. I still have a big cough and I will definitely return to bed early this evening. Davi

      • Friday 5th. December, 2014 -- I spend the day in bed (almost)

        The Stables has now settled down and developed an atmosphere all of its own -- almost as if it had been a weaving shed and a kilt-making station for generations. Today it housed another session of a kilt-making course

        I had decided that come what may I was going to spend today

      • Thursday 4th. December, 2014 -- Ploughing (bravely) on!

        Well, there is a long way to go -- but you can see how it is going to look

        Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom arrived and we compared symptoms. In fact, all that we did today was to erect a screen in the Bothy and then Tom returned home to rest up his cold. I took deliver

      • Wednesday 3rd. December, 2014 – Into the barns

        I took this picture of a squirrel last week when we were in London. We were walking through Green Park and everywhere the wildlife was as tame as could be. I love the fact that the new National newspaper gives over its centre pages to a picture of the day -- one day I'll take a pict

      • Tuesday 2nd. December, 2014 – A Presbytery Meeting for me to remember!

        Escapade, our Wayfarer dinghy, is now sitting parked as if she were a motor car. Mum says that it is quite strange to look out of her bedroom window and see a boat parked in front of it

        Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Met with Tom and we spent the morning fitting the bookc

      • Monday 1st. December, 2014 – It’s December already

        This is Olivebank sitting on her trailer -- the difference is that now the trailer is just about road worthy once again. David has stripped everything back and has rebuilt many of the component parts. He assures me that before the month is out, Olivebank will be able to be driven on the

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