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      • Saturday 29th. November, 2014 – A working Saturday, in parts

        The bookcases are taking shape. The real beauty of these units is that they can be assembled to fit any space and, once they are assembled and filled with books, they become quite anonymous (which is what I require from a bookcase)

        I slept in today – I usually do on a Saturd

      • Friday 28th. November, 2014 --- Working on bookcases

        Mix is in seventh heaven lying in front of this heater in the Bothy. I remember the first night we had him, I lit a fire and Mix barked at it and shrunk off to a far corner of the room. Nowadays, if there is a heater or a fire Mix's place is right in front of it -- the hotter the be

      • Thursday 27th. November, 2015 – Moving On

        A picture of the light-fitting in the Bothy. Doesn't it look baronial?

        Today, after walking Mix and breakfasting, I met with Tom and we cleared the front of the Bothy and fitted up some internal decorations on the bothy walls. The light fitting has now arrived and this wa

      • Wednesday 26th. November, 2014 – Back home again

        Our train in Berwick station. Just over twenty-four hours since we departed we have been brought safely back home

        We were woken by our sleeping-car attendant at 6.30 a.m. with coffee and tea and arrived into Edinburgh about half-past seven. There was time to collect a paper to

      • Tuesday 25th. November, 2014 – A Fabulous Day Out in London

        This probably marks a new low in my standard of photography. I took it as I sat down in the theatre just before the announcement that from this point on there was to be no more photography. So I of course obeyed the injunction, but I show this just to give a little bit of an idea as to w

      • Monday 24th. November, 2014 -- On Church Business

        It’s Tom back on a ladder, this time clearing out the gutters on the Cranshaws Kirk. It’s a hard life being a property convener in today’s church

        Woke, walked Mix and breakfasted. Tom arrived and we went off to Cranshaws Kirk to clean the gutters and to remove the chairs

      • Sunday 23rd. November, 2014 – A Relaxing Sunday

        I took this picture as I walked Mix late in the afternoon. There was still a bit of autumn sun and I took this picture into the sun just as it was beginning to disappear for the day. Today has been an attractive day: it is colder than it has been but it is also crisp and fair

      • Saturday 22nd. November, 2014 – The carpet is finally laid

        It hardly makes a photograph, but for the record: the Bothy now has a carpet. During next week our building site will turn into a beautiful and useful room -- you'll see!

        Today I slept in until almost ten o’clock! It was wonderful. I rose and walked Mix before going wit

      • Friday 21st. November, 2014 – A gentle day

        Today was another kilt-making day at Mount Pleasant, and the subject was 'marking out'. My involvement was limited to ensuring that there were three heaters pumping out maximum heat from eight in the morning to ensure that everyone was warm from the moment they arrived
      • Thursday 20th. November, 2014 --- Normality returns

        This is Tom and Dorothy in the kitchen of their new house. It is a lovely house but those of you who know Tom and Dorothy will be able to picture them cleaning and polishing -- and that's before they have started doing all of the alterations to make the house just exactly the way th

      • Wednesday 19th. November, 2014 – An away day with David

        As my picture shows, the Metro Centre is already preparing for Christmas. I loved seeing all the decorations

        Up early and breakfasted after walking Mix. David arrived and suggested that we set off for Newcastle to visit a shop he knew to buy a light fitting for the Bothy

      • Tuesday 18th. November, 2014 – Back to Argyll

        I took this picture last week as I walked towards Canterbury Cathedral. This is a fascinating main street, cobbled and pedestrianized, retaining much of its medieval spirit while containing modern fast food shops and tourist emporia. I suppose that while the shops in medieval times would

      • Monday 17th. November, 2014 – More Progress

        Visitors who came to see Mum last week, while I was at Canterbury, brought this doll to Mum. It is a fisher lass, I suppose, and comes from the north-east. Now it sits on Mum’s chair in her garden room

        Woke, walked Mix, Breakfasted and was just on the point of setting off to

      • Sunday 16th. November, 2014 --- A Happy Sunday

        Rachel took our organ to Church today to enable her to provide the music for the morning service and allow the regular organist to attend a Baptism service at Cranshaws. So we were treated to Rachel’s descants and arrangements: they were very good

        Up, showered, walked Mix, b

      • Saturday 15th. November, 2014 – They really can’t stay away!

        This is a picture of the Bothy at the stage we have now reached. The building work has been completed and the inside looks like a giant garden shed – but just wait until it has all been fitted out: it is going to look like a pine palace!

        Slept in until half-past nine and the

      • Friday 14th. November, 2014 -- The Bothy is completed

        Tom, working at height, is completing the final sections of the wall in what will be our new bothy

        Rose and walked Mix, breakfasted and met up with Tom and later with David. We continued with the Bothy – these last boards cutting around the beams take ages. Tom went off to t

      • Thursday 13th. November, 2014 – Back to normality

        Mum went to the WRI meeting in Gavinton this evening. Everyone had been asked to bring a tea cup and at the meeting they would learn how to decorate a tea cup with flowers. This is Mum's effort

        Rose and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom and David arrived and work continued

      • Wednesday 12th. November, 2014 – Another day in the train

        A picture of some of my Green Pilgrimage colleagues, all of whom have become very good friends over the time we have met and worked together

        Again I woke early, showered and enjoyed a full English breakfast before saying my good-byes, walking to the station and catching the ni

      • Tuesday 11th. November, 2014 At work in Canterbury

        This is the view from my room in the Canterbury Cathedral Guest House -- the entrance to the Guest House in front and then directly behind, the Cathedral itself, imposing itself on all around

        Rose early and showered before breakfast in the Guest House restaurant. I ordered the

      • Monday 10th. November, 2014 – A day travelling

        My first view of the Cathedral Guest House nestling in the grounds of Canterbury Cathedral and as luxurious as a five-star hotel

        I was up just after six, in time to shower and walk Mix (in the half-light) before Rachel drove me to Berwick Station for my train to Canterbury. My

      • Sunday 9th. November, 2014 --- Remembrance Sunday

        A picture of the memorial and wreath with Rachel, Clare and Mum after the wreath-laying ceremony

        Walked Mix and breakfasted before setting off for Gavinton Church for the Remembrance Sunday Service. Found the Church door closed – the heating had failed and we all worshipped

      • Saturday 8th. November, 2014 --- A day in the study

        Most of today I sat in the summer house preparing a power point presentation on the theme of St. Paul’s, Jarrow and Bede’s World for the Green Pilgrimage network meeting in Canterbury at the start of next week. I enjoyed having a presentation to prepare, especially one on such a good

      • Friday 7th. November, 2014 – The Pine Palace takes shape

        Tom, up the ladder, fixes the final piece of pine into place in the end wall of the Bothy. We still have quite a bit to do at the other end of the building but it is going to look superb

        Rose and walked Mix after breakfast today because Cathy was returning home and breakfasted

      • Thursday 6th. November, 2014 – I work all day in the Bothy

        Late in the day, Mum and Cathy come to visit the Bothy and see all that has been done today. It is taking shape but we still have a large pile of timber which remains to be fitted

        Up, walked Mix, breakfasted and set off to the Bothy to start work. Tom is already here, Dorothy

      • Wednesday 5th. November, 2014 – Rachel’s course begins

        I popped in to the Stables and took this picture of all of the activity on day one of the kilt-making course run by Rachel and Anne. Everyone was having a fine time

        Up and turned on the heating in the stables so that everyone would be warm at the course which Rachel and Ann we

      • Tuesday 4th. November, 2014 – I go to the Presbytery of Duns

        There is still a bit to do – but what has been done looks superb. There will be an update tomorrow by which time I hope this wall will have been completed

        Up, walked Mix, breakfasted and started work with Tom on completing the second wall in the Bothy. We worked hard and it

      • Monday 3rd. November, 2014 – Digger’s birthday

        Digger admires his birthday cake – the candles have been blown out, we have sung Happy Birthday and now the lights are back on. Close inspection shows that the chocolate cake has been decorated with chocolate carrots: how appropriate!

        Up, and after walking Mix, I breakfaste

      • Sunday 2nd. November, 2014 – Lots of Church

        At the service in Gavinton this morning the flowers had been provided by Mum (although bought and arranged by Andrea). I thought they looked really good. I wonder how many churches in Great Britain have flowers each Sunday on the chancel? It must be a huge number and must contribute sign

      • Saturday 1st. November, 2014 – Talking with Andrew

        As usual, Olive had prepared a splendid meal for us all and, because we had two guests – Andrew who was visiting me, and David who was visiting Digger – we ate in the dining room. Olive had prepared a splendid cherry tart which required a real team effort to serve, as the picture abo

      • Friday 31st. October, 2014 – Hallowe’en

        Tom applies the final nails to the first wall in our new bothy. We are delighted with how it looks and hope that by the end of next week the bothy will be complete

        Rose, walked Mix, breakfasted and then Tom and I set about constructing the first internal wall of the new bothy,

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