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      • Saturday 30th. November, 2013 -- St. Andrews Day

        A picture of the skyline, taken by Rachel, as daylight disappears

        I awoke, walked Mix along Bramble Avenue and returned in time for breakfast. I set out this morning to discover the whereabouts of our big round table, our gate-leg table, our microwave and Rachel’s desk. I wa

      • Friday 29th. November, 2013 – A Wonderful Day!

        Crowds begin to arrive at the Kelso Race Track

        Where to start! I had set my alarm for seven – an hour earlier than retirement-rising time. Got up and washed before walking Mix and then got into appropriate clothes for standing around on a cold race track for the twice-a-yea

      • Thursday 28th. November, 2013 – The Journey Continues

        In Duns preparations are gathering momentum for Christmas – soon the lights will be switched on

        Rose and walked Mix before breakfast and then went out to the barns to search for today’s booty. The box I chose turned out to contain my set of Punch and Judy puppets – somet

      • Wednesday 27th. November, 2013 – A New Chapter Begins

        Rachel starts work on cleaning up the brass log box I unearthed in the Hen House

        Rose and walked Mix before breakfast of bacon, egg and fried potato – my first breakfast of the working week as for the last two days I have been off early to the Borders Hospital. Today was dif

      • Tuesday 26th. November, 2013 -- Continuing my week as a Chauffer

        The local Co-op in Duns where we buy our food

        Up early in time to give each of the dogs a walk and Rachel a cup of tea in bed before setting off with Mum for the Borders General Hospital in Melrose so that she could attend the eye clinic there. To think that at the weekend I h

      • Monday 25th. November, 2013 – Really Good News

        A helicopter takes off from the Borders General Hospital after delivering a patient at the Accident and Emergency section

        Rachel woke extremely sore and very stiff. I say ‘woke’ but in reality she hadn’t slept at all. I telephoned the doctor at 8 a.m. and an appointment

      • Sunday 24th. November, 2013 – Could have been better!

        This is what is waiting for me at the farmhouse every morning

        Rose early and walked Mix. I love walking on the roads around Mount Pleasant on a Sunday morning early, there is nothing on the roads and everything is wonderfully quiet. Went across to the farmhouse for breakfast (

      • Saturday 23rd. November, 2013 -- A Day in Reverse and a Roaring Stove

        A Roaring Stove

        I woke early this morning and was out walking Mix soon after eight. I got back to Mount Pleasant and wandered across to the farmhouse for breakfast to discover that the door was locked and everyone was still asleep. So Mix and I came back to the Granary and pla

      • Friday 22nd. November, 2013 -- Into a Routine

        My window on the Gabba at Brisbane -- this morning was not a happy one for England

        Got up and breakfasted with Olive and Digger before walking Mix and then coming back to the Granary to start work on boxes. The way it works is that I find a couple of boxes and open them. I the

      • Thursday 21st. November, 2013 – Wind and More Wind

        If it is too windy or wet to go for a walk, Mix and Rowan are happy chasing each other around our courtyard

        It was a really blustery night – I went to bed about 2. Australia had just lost their second wicket for something in the seventies. I slept until 6 when I checked the

      • Wednesday 20th. November, 2013 -- Retirement as I always imagined it

        Rachel has just added the final screw and the decking is complete

        It rained all night and I wondered, as I lay in my warm bed and listened to the rain, whether we would be able to complete the decking as planned. But when I got up at eight, the sun was shining and there was a

      • Tuesday 19th. November, 2013 – My Apprenticeship begins

        Rachel and Tom have done a grand job of creating the frame for the decking on which our new summer house will sit.

        Up early, walked Mix along Bramble Avenue, breakfasted with Mum and Digger and then Tom arrived, brought here by Dorothy – and my apprenticeship began. I start

      • Monday 18th. November, 2013 – Family Visitors

        Mum with her sisters, Agnes and Jean

        Slept incredibly well. I’ve always slept well, the moment my head hits the pillow I am asleep; but since we moved down here I have slept even better. I suppose that it is because I am no longer on call and no longer have the responsibil

      • Sunday 17th. November, 2013 – Sundays are Good!

        Bamburgh Castle from the beach

        Woke again after the most amazing dreams. I was in London when I got a call to say that I was needed to come and conduct a service at Luss because there was no one else. (Well, that’s easy – I spoke on the phone to Bill last night and he wa

      • Saturday 16th. November, 2013 – I learn that progress means upheaval

        Nick, Amy and David

        Up and breakfasted before walking the dog – this is getting to be a habit! I was so sleepy this morning and woke in the middle of a very vivid dream: I was back in the Sailor’s Rest in Genoa (my first job). I’d been sent to look after it until someo

      • Friday 15th. November, 2013 – And another great day.

        Our decking is delivered

        Rose, breakfasted and walked Mix (yes, the order indicates that I slept in, but Oh, am I sleeping well). Then it was hard work all day to sort out clothes, emptying boxes and delighting in being reunited with old friends. Unfortunately we have a lot

      • Thursday 14th. November, 2014 – First Phase completed!

        Bramble Avenue in the autumn sunshine

        While the rest of the country seems to be suffering from rain, storms and high winds, here it is beautiful. I got up and walked Mix along Bramble Avenue – the sun is so low in the sky that it is very picturesque: sunshine, shadows and

      • Wednesday 13th. November, 2013 -- A Day of Two Halves: from the commonplace to the absolutely sublime!

        The dogs are always the first out of the Granary

        Slept in, and so I breakfasted before walking Mix; not that he seemed to mind because he enjoys breakfast in the farmhouse. Came back to the Granary and found an email with the hymns for Sunday which I duly prepared and sent off

      • Tuesday 12th. November, 2012 -- Autumn Sunshine

        Our home – bathed in Autumn sunshine

        Rose, walked the dog, breakfasted and went back to the Granary. It was a glorious morning with everything bathed in autumn sunshine. My morning walk was an absolute joy – and people have started to wave to me as they pass in the car. I

      • Monday 11th. November, 2013 – A day doing this and that

        I took this picture of a stone on the exterior of Fogo Church yesterday. I have no idea what it signifies -- it is a very old church. But I hope to find out!

        According to my new routine, I rose, walked the dog and breakfasted in the farmhouse (on egg and bacon prepared today b

      • Sunday 10th. November, 2013 – Remembrance Sunday

        Rachel, Cathy and Mum make their way to Gavinton Church

        Rose, walked Mix, showered and changed, breakfasted and set off for the service at Gavinton Church. The minister, Ann, was indisposed and so the service was conducted by Ken Walker who was to have been sharing in a joint

      • Saturday 9th. November, 2013 – I start to unpack

        Rachel and Cathy in the Granary kitchen -- next time I'll use flash!

        Rose, walked Mix and breakfasted with Olive, Mum and Cathy in the farm house. Digger had set off for Kirkcaldy and Rachel was walking Rowan. Then I made my way to the study and started to unpack. By the

      • Friday 8th. November, 2013 -- A Trip to Berwick and Dinner with Tom and Dorothy

        Berwick from the City Walls

        I had intended to work on unpacking today but Rachel and Cathy decided that they would like to go to Berwick and Mum and I decided to go along as well – isn’t it good being retired? Mum and I explored a book shop (Mum had presents to buy) and t

      • Thursday 7th. November, 2013 – A Visit to Holy Island

        St. Aiden smiles kindly at Mum

        Awoke, showered, walked the dog and breakfasted before loading Mum, Cathy, Rachel, Mix and Rowan into the car and driving to Holy Island. We arrived there just before eleven and discovered that we had almost a four-hour window to cross the causew

      • Wednesday 6th. November, 2013 – We travel to Coldstream

        Mum emerging from the library

        Awoke and walked mix before breakfasting on bacon and egg made by Cathy in the Farmhouse. Dealt with some emails and got my blog up to date as well as preparing the music files for Arrochar’s Remembrance Service this Sunday before taking Mum int

      • Tuesday 5th. November, 2013 -- Fireworks

        Fireworks at Mount Pleasant -- just like when I was small

        Up and walked the dog and then enjoyed breakfast with Mum and Cathy in the farmhouse. Started sorting out my finances and then drove Mum into Duns to have her hair done, returning to collect her an hour later.
      • Monday 4th. November, 2013 -- Tom takes me in hand

        Enjoying the farm house

        Up and walked Mix and then breakfasted. Tom arrived and we took the big TV off the wall in order to fit extra connections behind the screen. Got the TV connected to the internet and discovered that I can now access the internet on the TV – including t

      • Sunday 3rd. November, 2013 -- I love our country Sundays

        Digger blowing out his candles -- caught by Scott on his mobile phone

        Up and walked Mix on the Swinton Road, had breakfast in the farmhouse and then Mum, Cathy, Rachel and I went off to Church at Gavinton – the minister spoke about Saints, appropriately given that this is

      • Saturday 2nd. November, 2013 -- My Final Wedding in Luss Church

        Lindsay and David

        Up and set the fire in the manse, checked the heating in the Church, walked Mix around the paths of the glebe which are not flooded and then got ready for the wedding. Just before it started my bridegroom from last Saturday arrived. What a panic! It seems tha

      • Friday 1st. November, 2013 -- A Day in transit

        Shipboard Chores

        Got up about nine and after breakfast we started getting the boat in order. I took the toilet cassette off and emptied and cleaned it so that all was fresh for next time. The engine was run for two hours to ensure that the battery is full for when we return.

      • Thursday 31st. October, 2013 -- Hallowe'en

        Ilkley Moor

        Slept in again before walking Mix and counting 97 boats in the marina today. Went about the ship-board chores. I emptied the toilet cassette, while the engine was charging the batteries.

        We drove to Ilkley where we walked the dogs on the moor – around

      • Wednesday 30th. October, 2013 -- Getting used to canal life

        Looking down on Skipton

        Really slept in! It was eleven before I got up and, after breakfast, we took the dogs to Skipton where we climbed to the top of the hill overlooking the town. It was mid afternoon before we got down to the car and drove into the town. We found a shop wi

      • Tuesday 29th. October, 2013 – In Barnoldswick

        Emerging from The Young Rachel

        Got up and walked the dogs to Greenberfield and back – a walk of about an hour and a half including an exploration of where the locks had originally been and chatting with a Mr. Logan on the tow path about the virtues of different sorts of dogs

      • Monday 28th. October, 2013 -- We set off south

        From the Other Side of the Canal

        Woke early and turned the bedroom tv on at once to see how the projected storm had developed. Confirmed gusts of 99 miles an hour in the south and five deaths (two from falling trees, two from a gas explosion caused by a falling tree and one sw

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