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      • Thursday 30th. October, 2014 – A new load of wood: a new wall to build

        Tom and David are pleased with the start we have made on building the internal walls in the Bothy. I am quite excited about how it will look this time tomorrow -- I know I shouldn't because things often happen to waylay us and, in any case, one of our new rules of life is that we ar

      • Wednesday 29th. October, 2014 -- More progress

        It is just beginning to get dark – it does that so early now – and Rachel is putting the undercoat on the Bothy door so that it is protected from the elements

        Today was a beautiful day. I got up, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse. Neither David nor Tom were here

      • Tuesday 28th. October, 2014 – We start on the door

        Just before tea tonight Rachel called to me to come outside – there was a most stupendous sky: as red as I have ever seen. We have had stormy weather today and quite a bit of rain. It had recently stopped raining and maybe this is a sign that tomorrow the weather will be more settled
      • Monday 27th. October, 2014 – Getting on

        By the end of our working day (we have to have several long coffee breaks in which to put the world to rights) we had completed the window section of the ‘Bothy opening’ at which point, feeling extremely pleased with ourselves, we retired to the summer house, drank coffee and discuss

      • Sunday 26th. October, 2014 – Rachel’s birthday

        The flowers which yesterday were hanging in a bag in the kitchen are now gracing the chancel in Gavinton Church – and very nice they looked

        Woke and wished Rachel a happy birthday. I had got her a new soldering iron – doesn’t sound very interesting, but it was a very spe

      • Saturday 25th. October, 2014 – I couldn’t be more relaxed if I tried

        I saw this bag of flowers hanging from the desk in the kitchen and was taken not by the flowers (most of them cannot be seen as they are inside the bag) but by the sunlight which was coming in through the window. They are flowers which Rachel has gathered for Church in Gavinton tomorrow<

      • Friday 24th. October, 2014 – A short entry for a long day!

        Rachel with the dogs – Rachel is hanging on to them both to prevent them wandering out of shot. Doesn't the boat look spacious?

        Up before five and on the road soon afterwards, travelling south to Barnoldswick. I was driving, Rachel was sleeping (as was Rowan). Mix was n

      • Thursday 23rd. October, 2014 – Job done!

        It’s the end of the day and David is tidying up, Rowan and Mix are wondering why I have arrived with my camera. Not to record them, of course, but to get a picture of the Bothy now with a wooden floor. It started the week with no floor and with no wood on site. First the joists were de

      • Wednesday 22nd. October, 2014 – Getting along like a house on fire!

        By the end of today we had half of the floor laid in the Bothy. That was our target and that was what we achieved – we may even have done a bit more than half of the floor but with a bit of luck we shall complete the task tomorrow

        Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom and

      • Tuesday 21st. October, 2014 – A very pleasant and quiet day

        After our activity yesterday in setting out the joists for the Bothy, today the wood was delivered for the floorboards. It is beautiful larch and will, I am sure, look spectacular by the time that the floorboards have been laid

        Up and walked Mix – it is very blowy and much c

      • Monday 20th. October, 2014 – We make progress

        Tom cuts while David holds the timber – the result: floor joists cut to size for the new Bothy floor

        The proof of the pudding – by the end of the afternoon the floor joists of the Bothy have been cut to size and fitted in position. As soon as we get the floor b

      • Sunday 19th. October, 2014 – Back to (real) work again

        I conducted the morning services in two Churches this morning. First here at Gavinton at 10 a.m.

        Second, here at Cranshaws at 11.45 a.m. -- the two congregations are part of the Parish of Langton and Lammermuir

        Up, showered and walked Mix before breakfas

      • Saturday 18th. October, 2014 – A Very Quiet Saturday

        Rachel spent the afternoon in the stables, neither weaving nor kilt making, but working on her stained glass designs. Here she is grinding the edge of a piece of glass using her Dremel, ensuring that it is perfectly flat and ready to be encased with copper tape and joined to its neighbou

      • Friday 17th. October, 2014 -- Just a bit of this and that

        This is Duns Kirk from the road where I parked my car on the way to a Presbytery Committee this afternoon – my first in this presbytery

        Up, walked Mix and breakfasted. Tom phoned to say that he wouldn’t be with us today. David arrived to say that he had a meeting in Berwic

      • Thursday 16th. October, 2014 – A Day out for the boys!

        David and Tom in front of Amble Marina

        More pictures of today can be found at

        Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom and David arrived and we climbed into David’s Jaguar and set off for our day out, all dressed in good clothes and looking a

      • Wednesday 15th. October, 2015 – Cleaning Olivebank

        There really isn’t a great deal to see except to notice that the fore deck of the boat is a bit cleaner than the rest of it. It is going to be a long job but today I started to remove grime which has accumulated over many years. By the time that Olivebank goes back into the water next

      • Tuesday 14th. October, 2014 --- Mix in control

        This afternoon David set about changing the spark plugs in Digger’s new car. Digger came along to watch. Mix wasn’t sure that David actually knew what he was doing so he went along to supervise as well. My picture catches Mix looking carefully at what David is doing to ensure that no

      • Monday 13th. October, 2014 – An interesting day

        There was always only going to be one headline story today at Mount Pleasant and that was the start of work on the farmhouse roof. This morning Paul, Tommy and Andrew arrived to start work on the roof, being joined in the afternoon by Ian, their boss. Great progress has been made as all

      • Sunday 12th. October, 2014 – A Sunday at Mount Pleasant

        This is a very ordinary picture which contains a great deal of information! First of all it shows that the concrete has set and that we now have access to the Bothy and can start work constructing the floor. Then you can see all that stuff piled against the wall. That’s the materials w

      • Saturday 11th. October, 2014 – The Heavy Horse Show at Etal

        We gathered around the breakfast table before setting off for Etal – Digger, Jane and Ewen

        Walked Mix – my body is still aching – and then enjoyed a cooked breakfast in the farmhouse. Tom and Dorothy arrived and we set off for Etal for the Heavy Horse Show at Hay Farm

      • Friday 10th. October, 2014 – Rachel hits the headlines and Olivebank comes home

        The loom is empty after this morning when Sandy arrived and completed the final bit of weaving before taking the cloth away to be 'finished' in Galashiels. I can't wait to see what the completed cloth looks like. On the table in the foreground, on top of the kilts, you can

      • Thursday 9th. October, 2014 – Concrete and Visitors

        Tom's look says it all! It is almost as if he is already aware of all of the pain which this monster of a concrete lorry is going to inflict upon us as we shovel and level and struggle with its contents

        Woke and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom and David arrived early bec

      • Wednesday 8th. October, 2014 – The site meeting (and lunch)

        I snapped Dorothy, Rachel and David outside the Church Hall in brilliant autumn sunshine. We were early for the soup and cake lunch – Tom had gone in to discover when we could all arrive! We were told that if we had a bottle of sherry we could come in at once. We didn’t have but we d

      • Tuesday 7th. October, 2014 – A visit to Whiteadder Reservoir and to the Presbytery

        This is the way in to Duns Church Hall – I was in the hall this evening for the regular monthly meeting of Duns Presbytery. It is a gentle presbytery and a warm one with everyone very considerate of the feelings of other people. I suppose that it is very much a rural presbytery. It

      • Monday 6th. October, 2014 – The rain returns

        Sasha was a little jealous of the attention which David was receiving primarily from Rowan, so she decided that she would exert her claims of ownership

        The rain returned overnight with a vengeance and it is no consolation that the whole country seems to be suffering, nor that

      • Sunday 5th. October, 2014 – A fascinating afternoon on the computer

        As Mix and I walked this morning, I took this picture of one of the fields which has featured regularly in my recording of this last year. How different it is today. The harvest has gone, the field has been ploughed and now it is awaiting its next crop. Must be a bit like someone who run

      • Saturday 4th. October, 2014 – A stormy night

        It was quite a storm – but by this afternoon everything was back to normal, except that the colours have become quite autumnal

        Last night was stormy! Every time I awoke it was because of the rain bouncing off the windows in our bedroom, and when I got up it seemed that ever

      • Friday 3rd. October, 2014 – Scottish Pilgrimage Gathering

        The opening address at this year’s Scottish Pilgrimage Gathering was given by Paul Wheelhouse, MSP, Scottish Government Minister for Environment and Climate Change

        Today was another early start. I was away from Mount Pleasant, having showered and got ready, by half past six,

      • Thursday 2nd. October, 2014 --- Back to work

        Not much of a picture to look at but an important picture for my records because it shows that we now have a concrete base in the bothy. Once the concrete has dried out we shall be able to start on the floor – and we have ordered the wood for the start of next week

        Woke with

      • Wednesday 1st. October, 2014 – Our day at the Globe

        A picture of the Globe Theatre on Bankside in London just as it began to get dark. The Globe is a reconstruction of Shakespeare’s theatre of 1599 reconstructed and opened in 1997, and today Rachel and I attended two performances at this wonderful place

        Rose at quarter-past f

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