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      • Sunday 27th. October, 2013 -- Another great Sunday.

        Rachel, the mechanic, at work on my car

        Got up refreshed after that extra hour in bed. Rachel awoke with a start not realising that the clock had gone back and convinced that she was late. On discovering that she wasn’t, she went back to sleep.

        I walked the dog,

      • Saturday 26th. October, 2013 -- Rachel’s Birthday and We’re Working!

        Autumn in Luss

        I slept in until nine and then walked Mix, lit the fire and packed Rachel’s car. Then we planted the four signs (little plaques, really) we are leaving behind – the first to the dogs buried in the garden: Kim, Radar, Fang, Juno, Skye and Holly; then, by thei

      • Friday 25th. October, 2013 -- Mexico comes to Luss

        Felipe and Rachel

        Up and walked the dog around the river path – it is very wet. Lit the fire in the manse and met with Mike to show him how to work the print machine and tell him what I used to do for Remembrance Sunday – because he asked, I hasten to record, I am delighte

      • Thursday 24th. October, 2013 – Back in Harness Once More

        The Borders are so very beautiful

        Rose and walked Mix down the Swinton Road and along Bramble Avenue, returning by the Kelso Road. Breakfasted on fried potatoes and freshly laid egg with Mum and Digger. Olive is still not home as Dundee University has prevailed upon her to tea

      • Wednesday 23rd. October, 2013 -- The Granary Goes On-line

        Wonderful apples growing wild in Bramble Avenue

        It dawned fair – a nice surprise after all of the rain of previous days. I had given today up to the installation of our telephone as I had no idea how long it would all take. In fact after I had walked Mix and joined Mum and D

      • Tuesday 22nd. October, 2013 -- Today I really did make a start

        Everywhere something is growing – these are berries in the hedges by the sides of the fields

        Up and walked Mix – it is a rotten day and I was woken by the smoke alarm going off. It was a false alarm caused by the battery having expired. After breakfast I took Mum into Duns

      • Monday 21st. October, 2013 -- Getting Sorted Out – well just starting really

        Autumn is drawing in

        Up a bit later, around 8.30 a.m. and walked Mix along the Swinton Road before breakfast with Mum and Digger. Spent the morning getting my blog up to date and dealing with lots of emails. Even here, having been away for a few days, the email programme was a

      • Sunday 20th. October, 2013 Sundays are Good

        Abbey St. Bathans from the bridge over the Whiteadder

        Got up and walked Mix – the roads are totally deserted and we could be on the moon. I just love the isolation here. The fields have already changed since last week as crops are starting to grow even although we are well i

      • Saturday 19th. October, 2013 -- Wet, Wet – and a Wedding

        The Luss Water imitating the Mississippi

        Up and walked the dog around the glebe. It is very, very wet and the river is running fast. Already many of the paths are flooded and it is a thoroughly nasty day. Back at the manse I popped over to the church to sort the heating, lit a

      • Friday 18th. October, 2013 -- We Get Quite a Lot Done

        Apples on the Glebe

        I walked Mix around the glebe and snapped these apples growing in the little orchard. Then I continued with the manse clean-up. It is now all done and looking clean, ship-shape and quite attractive. Rachel photographed every room, they all looked so good. I

      • Thursday 17th. October, 2013 --- Cleaning, a Wedding and a Shopping Trip

        A Happy Wedding Couple

        I walked Mix along the river path – it was wet and everything was very quiet. Then I started in earnest on the manse, cleaning the top floor and working down to the middle floor. Cathy was here and it was great to see her.

        Conducted the wedd

      • Wednesday 16th. October, 2013 -- And Off We Go Again

        The Granary as we set off again

        Walked Mix and showered. There was still quite a bit of fog around and the roads were quite deserted. I spent the morning getting things done for Luss and Arrochar – preparing an order of service for printing, creating the music files for Arro

      • Tuesday 15th. October, 2013 -- Canterbury Tales

        Canterbury Cathedral

        Up early to attend morning prayers at the cathedral at 7.30 a.m. and then went on with Kevin to St. John’s Chapel in the cathedral for the morning communion service. I enjoyed both and realised again how much I would like to have spent time in a religiou

      • Monday 14th. October, 2013 – Back to Berwick for another Adventure

        The Market Square in Canterbury

        Up early this morning to walk Mix, have a shower and be driven to Berwick in time to catch the 9.11 train to London. This train was an ‘East Coast’ and compared to last week’s ‘Cross Country’ felt extremely old. One had to open the win

      • Sunday 13th. October, 2013 – A Rural Sunday (mostly) in Gavinton

        The view from the bathroom window in the Farmhouse caught my eye.

        A lovely sunny Sunday morning and the wind which has been quite ferocious over recent days has disappeared. I walked Mix – there was hardly any traffic on the roads; showered and breakfasted before going with

      • Saturday 12th. October, 2013 -- Our Quiet Rural Idyll

        Working on the fields opposite the Granary

        The roads are very quiet on a Saturday morning so Mix and I walked along to the neighbouring farm on the Kelso Road. We admired the farm with its stock of hay and lots of pens for sheep. We looked at the ten little cottages presumably

      • Friday 11th. October, 2013 -- A Day of Getting Sorted Out

        Mount Pleasant from Bramble Avenue

        Up and walked the dog before enjoying breakfast of bacon and egg in the farmhouse. (Walked down the road to Swinton and then turned off along a track between two fields – we call it Bramble Avenue because of the Bramble bushes there. Took

      • Thursday 10th. October, 2013 -- Back to Berwick

        Rainbow over Mount Pleasant this morning

        This morning I rose and walked Mix before settling down to do some chores for Luss and Arrochar. I prepared a draft Order of Service (because I have a file with the words of all of the hymns on it). I prepared music files of the hymns

      • Wednesday 9th. October, 2013 -- Travelling Home

        The View from my Bristol Bedroom

        After breakfast David drove me through Bristol back to the railway station for my journey back to Berwick. On the way I again grabbed a few pictures from the car window.


        There is lots of graffiti in

      • Tuesday 8th. October, 2013 -- Setting off for Bristol

        Rachel seeing me off at Berwick Station

        After walking the dog and showering, I set off for Berwick Station for a five hour train journey to Bristol. I had never been to Bristol so it was all quite exciting. The train took me through Newcastle, Durham, York, Leeds, Birmingham a

      • Monday 7th. October, 2013 -- A Day of Gate-Building

        A gate waiting to be hung

        Up and walked Mix and then back to the Granary where Tom arrived around nine. With Tom taking the lead, we erected the new farm gate to keep the dogs in the courtyard and then dismantled the small gate and Tom re-hung it with a spring to keep it clo

      • Sunday 6th. October, 2013 -- My First Retirement Sunday

        Mum and Rachel outside Gavinton Church

        Up and walked the dog and then had breakfast in the farmhouse before setting off with Mum and Rachel to Gavinton Church (just four minutes up the road and recommended by Tom and Dorothy). We were made very welcome and I loved the servic

      • Saturday 5th. October, 2013 -- Weddings, as usual.

        Our first couple – Louise and John

        Up and started to clear up the Manse. Rachel and I had intended to start at the top of the manse and work our way downwards but there is a big event happening on Monday – a meeting of the executive of ACTS (The actions of Churches toget

      • Friday 4th. October, 2013 -- And Back to Work!

        Mount Pleasant from the Swinton Road

        I got up early and walked Mix along the Swinton Road – on the way back I took this picture of the Mount Pleasant Farmhouse with our Granary to the right and barns to the left. Today I had to return to Luss in order to conduct three wedd

      • Thursday 3rd. October, 2013 -- My first trip across the Border

        Tom and Mum on Berwick Station

        Up early and walked the dog, showered and then breakfasted at eight before setting off with Mum and Tom for Berwick at 8.30 a.m. We drove just along the road and past signs announcing that now we were in England. Mum caught a train to Edinburgh

      • Wednesday 2nd. October, 2013 -- Now I'm an old hand at this Retirement Business

        Rachel's country alarm clock

        Woke early with a phone call from Morag and then walked the dog before breakfast made by Digger -- sausage and French toast. Then I borrowed Mum's phone and started trying to see about a telephone and broadband for the Granary -- and a t

      • Tuesday 1st. October, 2013 -- Retirement: Day One

        Tom at Mount Pleasant

        It seems that this is a busy place! I was determined not to get up this morning but Bill caught me on my mobile at 8.30 and so I got up and walked Mix -- a very pleasant walk -- and what struck me at once was that I saw no people at all while I was out.

      • Monday 30th. September, 2013 -- Our Day of Departure

        Outside the Wheatsheaf at Swinton

        Awoke and walked Mix and then set about dismantling my study and cramming all of the leftovers and all of the presents we have been given into our two vehicles. It just wouldn't go and we shall be back in Luss on Friday to complete the

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