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      • Monday 18th. May, 2015 – A Presbytery Day

        Isn't she getting big? (Bramble I mean, not Rachel)

        There is little to record in my diary today. I did get up and walk Mix (and I did run my car into Duns for its MOT test) and then this morning, two of my colleagues from presbytery came to see me and spend the morning ta

      • Sunday 17th. May, 2015 – The Sunday after Ascension

        Best of Pals

        Up, walked Mix, showered and went off to Gavinton Church with Mum and Rachel. Our service was conducted by Jeff on the theme of Ascension and remembering that even when we are celebrating, God remembers those who are finding it hard to celebrate, who when we are a

      • Saturday 16th. May, 2015 – A Friend and a Meal

        I took this picture yesterday of Nikki and Ann in the kilt-making studio. They were hard at work and I was running around so I forgot that I had taken it but, having found it again, I wanted to share it

        I hadn’t intended to get up too early but with Rachel up and running aro

      • Friday 15th. May, 2015 – Our final Christian Aid lunch

        We are ready for our customers!

        I woke today to be reminded by Rachel that it was fifteen years ago today that I was awarded my doctorate in glorious sunshine in Princetown, New Jersey. It was a very happy day and Rachel and Mum were with me.

        Tom collected me at hal

      • Thursday 14th. May, 2015 Christian Aid High Tea

        This bouquet is a copy of the flowers which Mum carried at her wedding in 1945. They were given to her last Sunday at the celebrations in Berwick to mark the seventieth anniversary of VE Day and had been copied from her wedding photographs. I should have photographed them before as they

      • Wednesday 13th. May, 2015 – An expedition into the Hills

        Poor little Bramble has just had her first bath – that will teach her to do unspeakable things! However, much as she resented the bath, she loved being towelled dry so even the nastiest cloud has a silver lining

        Mix and I were up early and, after going for a walk along Bramb

      • Tuesday 12th. May, 2015 – Our first Christian Aid lunch

        The hall is looking very appropriate for Christian Aid

        Tom arrived at ten by which time I had walked Mix and sorted some presbytery emails. We loaded our Christian Aid materials and all we needed for the lunch into Tom’s car and went off to Gavinton Church Hall.


      • Monday 11th. May, 2015 – Starting the Collection

        Tom delivering envelopes in Longformacus

        After getting up and walking Mix, Tom and I set about distributing Christian Aid envelopes, visiting Gavinton, Cranshaws, Longformacus and Abbey St. Bathan’s before returning; driving into Berwick to buy food for the Christian Aid sou

      • Sunday 10th. May, 2015 – Christian Aid Sunday

        Bramble and Rowan, two sisters, two years apart

        Rose and walked Mix while Rachel entertained Rowan and Bramble in the garden – lots of exercise so that Bramble could be tired out and returned to her cage while Rachel, Mum and I went off to Church at Gavinton where Stephen wa

      • Saturday 9th. May, 2015 – Bramble arrives!

        Bramble isn’t sure about leaving Sang and Sang seems quite sorry to see her go

        I got up quite leisurely and walked Mix before doing a bit of Presbytery work in the Bothy. Soon it was time for me to drive Rachel to Alloa, to Sang’s home, so that we could collect Bramble and

      • Friday 8th. May, 2015 – Launching Day

        Tom took this picture on his telephone – I had forgotten my camera (fortunately or it would have got very wet)!

        I was up and about by quarter to five and Tom, Rachel and I set off in Tom’s car, towing Olivebank at 5 a.m., arriving at Amble by seven and having Olivebank rea

      • Thursday 7th. May, 2015 – Election Day

        This is a picture I took yesterday when we were at Greenlaw Parish Church. Tom, the minister, showed me this really old copy of the Bible which is part of the treasures of the congregation

        I was up early with Mix walked before eight and soon afterwards Rachel and I set out to

      • Wednesday 6th. May, 2015 -- A Trip to Greenlaw

        I had no idea there were so many tartans, nor that we had so many of them in the Stables where Rachel conducts her kilt-making and weaving courses. I snapped Rachel in front of some of her tartans

        Today is the day for getting everything ready for the boat to travel south to Am

      • Tuesday 5th. May, 2015 -- Presbytery

        Kim and Rachel hard at work building a kilt

        Today Rachel was running one of her kilt-making courses (on her own without Ann!) for Kim who is catching up so that she can be slotted in with the other course which is running on Fridays. I popped in and took the picture at the hea

      • Monday 4th. May, 2015 -- Bank Holiday Monday

        There was little wind this evening so I raised Olivebank's main sail, always a good idea to know that everything is working up aloft

        This morning I got everything ready for tomorrow evening’s presbytery meeting. David arrived and the trailer for Olivebank is now functio

      • Sunday 3rd. May, 2015 – A Visit to Paxton

        Rachel took this picture on her telephone because I have mislaid my camera. We are enjoying coffee after the service in Paxton. It is a splendid building and the welcome was really warm!

        Up early and walked Mix. It really is a nasty day, cold and wet and not at all pleasant. W

      • Saturday 2nd. May, 2015 – I always enjoy Saturdays

        This is one of the fields around our home -- it looks good and the health experts tell me that the oil we get from it is extremely good for me -- but it does make me sneeze!

        Slept in a bit and then walked Mix before settling down in the Bothy, not really to work but because th

      • Friday 1st. May, 2015 -- May Day and Mix's Twelfth Birthday

        Today Rachel fitted up this panel on the window in my Bothy. She was away this morning at her glass class and is clearly in the glass-fixing mood. It's beautiful and all over Mount Pleasant new glass masterpieces are appearing

        My goodness so we have now had Mix with us fo

      • Thursday 30th. April, 2015 -- Off to Dunblane for the Day

        I would have provided a picture of Dunblane but with the early start I forgot my camera (and my telephone doesn't take pictures). So here is Mum's window box, planted out last week by Rachel during the celebrations of Mum's birthday

        I was up at five-thirty this

      • Wednesday 29th. April, 2015 -- More Presbytery Inspections

        The reason I'm trying to take so many pictures from the garden and around here is that my blog is read by family in Australia who are anxious to see what things are like here at Mount Pleasant. So here is Mum's garden in shade. I love the white pebbles and the plants in their p

      • Tuesday 28th. April, 2015 -- Presbytery Inspections

        I took this snap of the hanging basket outside Mum's door -- aren't the colours wonderful? I really do love yellow

        Up early and walked Mix. This morning one of my colleagues came to talk through the next Presbytery meeting with me so that we can be sure that everythi

      • Monday 27th. April, 2015 -- Our Christian Aid programme is finalised

        This is a picture of Olive's new herb garden, radiating out from the little bay tree and cut into the lawn and filled with the herbs which are going to flavour our food over the coming years

        Today, as usual, I walked Mix and then I had to start getting things in order for

      • Sunday 26th. April, 2015 – The Fourth Sunday of Easter

        Rachel and Olive at the Mount Pleasant family table – it’s stovies on the menu and knowing how much I like stovies, Olive always makes two big dishes

        Up early because I was on duty today. I walked Mix and then Mum, Rachel and I drove along to Gavinton where I conducted the

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