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      • Saturday 31st. May, 2014 – Olivetub, Escapade and a real day of tragedy for the Borders

        Rachel and I bought this little boat in 1972 when we lived in Genoa, Italy. It cost around 300,000 lira (about £200 – a lot of money in those days) but that included the sailing rig (pictured here) a four-horse power out board engine and a set of oars. We had enormous fun with our tin

      • Friday 30th. May, 2014 – A trip to St. Boswell’s and the Jim Clark Rally gets underway

        Up early and walked Mix – don’t know when we’ll be able to walk again as for the next three days the Jim Clark Rally is to be all around us. I went out to wait for Tom and Dorothy who were taking me with them to the St. Boswell’s Market. I was a bit early so I took this picture o

      • Thursday 29th. May, 2014 – The Good Weather Returns

        Tom is on the roof as the first of the beams is fitted in place. Tom tells me that the difficult work has now been done!

        Woke and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom arrived and we set about preparing the second of the triangular structures which will hold the roof beams in place

      • Wednesday 28th. May, 2014 – Weatherwise: Rotten; otherwise: Not so bad at all

        Sandy was back today working on the loom. I understand that he is coming back on Friday and that by the end of Friday the loom will be back in order and ready to be set up for weaving

        Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom arrived and we all chatted around the table. It is a

      • Tuesday 27th. May, 2014 – A Visit to Whiteadder Reservoir

        When I arrived for Tom this morning, I found that he was rotivating his extensive garden – this picture is particularly for Digger who believes that there is something intrinsically decadent about using mechanical means to turn over the soil

        Up early today, showered and walk

      • Monday 26th. May, 2014 – The Good Weather Returns

        Digger took this picture of Tom and I working on the first of the frames for the roof of the Bothy. The triangular shape has been made and bolted together and we have cut notches into one side of the triangle into which the roof beams will slot. Tom has been doing a great deal of cutting

      • Sunday 25th. May, 2014 – A Celebration of Scott’s Birthday

        Some of the family in the lounge at Scott and Sue’s home as we gather to celebrate his birthday. It was a grand occasion and a very happy one at which I took a few pictures to enable me to remember a special day

        Up, showered and walked Mix before breakfast after which I drov

      • Saturday 24th. May, 2014 – A Happy Time on Inchtavannach

        On the way to Loch Lomond we drove past the Kelpies and I snapped them as we passed. They look most impressive and we hope to have time to stop when passing next time and have a better look

        Up, walked Mix, showered and breakfasted before setting off about half past ten to driv

      • Friday 23rd. May, 2014 – Not a Warm Day

        After the almost Mediterranean temperatures of recent days, today was extremely cold and not a little damp. I was kept going all day by the thought of gathering around the stove in the Granary in the evening

        Up, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse. Tom arrived and we d

      • Thursday 22nd. May, 2014 – Polling Day

        Our convoy of cars – Mum and Rachel are in my car, Digger is behind with Olive holding the gate and holding up her voting card to show that we are all off to Duns to register our votes in the European Election. I suppose I shouldn’t reveal for whom we voted, other than to say we all

      • Wednesday 21st. May, 2014 – A really good day

        This is a picture I took a day or two ago of the bothy filled with bits of boats and Digger's dome. It is here that we started work today

        Up early and walked Mix. During breakfast at the farmhouse Tom arrived for we are to start work on the bothy today. In fact we started

      • Tuesday 20th. May, 2014 – Sandy starts to re-erect the Loom

        Along with people from all around the world I joined the audience at the Royal Opera House in London for their performance this evening of La Traviata. For the first time ever an opera from the Royal Opera House was streamed to large screens around the country and to the internet – and

      • Monday 19th. May, 2014 – A Gloriously Summer Day and Scott’s Birthday

        Today the sun shone. It has been absolutely glorious all day. I got up, walked Mix and had breakfast. I then spent most of the day in the summer house, listening to cricket (a woeful day for Durham), reading and writing.

        I had some lunch in the summer house and later in the af

      • Sunday 18th. May, 2014 -- A Summer Sunday

        We really are enjoying a glorious period of sunny weather -- and there are absolutely no midges. Surely we are in heaven

        Up and walked Mix. Breakfasted and set off for Gavinton Church where the service was conducted by Bill because Ann is at the General Assembly. Bill read fro

      • Saturday 17th. May, 2014 – A Walk and a Trip

        I had my camera with me as Mix and I walked this morning. We live in a very beautiful place – as this picture of Fogo Kirk with a huge field of rape in front of it demonstrates

        Slept in until after nine and then, once I was up, Mix and I set out on a long walk. We walked to

      • Friday 16th. May, 2014 – Summer has arrived!

        Rachel has done magnificently and has taken the barn (for which Tom and I created a floor) and has created something really special. The loom is ready to erect and this will be a fabulous craft centre and loom room

        Up and walked Mix before breakfast, during which Tom arrived a

      • Thursday 15th. May, 2014 – Christian Aid and a good walk

        This afternoon we took the dogs up behind Duns Castle – Rowan doesn’t walk to the lead very well and I have caught Rachel hanging on for dear life

        Rose early and walked Mix. We all breakfasted earlier than usual at 8.30 because at nine, Dorothy and Rachel were driving into

      • Wednesday 14th. May, 2014 – A Curate’s Egg kind of a day

        This afternoon Rachel and Tom went into housing development, erecting half a dozen new homes for swallows under the eaves of our buildings, four on the Granary and two on the farmhouse, to compensate for the fact that the barns are no longer available for nesting swallows. We have anothe

      • Tuesday 13th. May, 2014 – The Dome is erected

        A behind the scenes (or rather, below the stairs) shot of Mix ensuring that the dishwasher is operating satisfactorily and that nothing which shouldn’t has been put in the machine

        I woke, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse. It was a glorious morning and, as Tom wasn

      • Monday 12th. May, 2014 Work and Progress

        The weather forecast was a bit ‘iffy’ but it turned out to be a lovely day and here, just before supper, are Digger, Mum, Cathy, Olive and Rachel all enjoying an aperitivo. It’s a wonderful life

        Got up and walked Mix. Breakfasted in the farmhouse and soon afterwards Tom

      • Sunday 11th. May, 2014 – More Culture!

        Taken at coffee after church this morning, the purpose of this picture is to show off Tom’s new jacket. He has become every inch the country gent and was being generally admired by all and sundry (even by Cathy who noticed the jacket as soon as she came into Gavinton Church this mornin

      • Saturday 10th. March, 2014 – A fairly decadent day

        This is the Anglican Parish Church in Berwick to which Mum, Cathy and I came this evening to listen to Rachel singing with the Berwick Arts Choir. The Choir presented the Chichester Psalms and the Dorchester Canticles in a programme which also included Mozart, Bruckner, Grieg and Faure b

      • Friday 9th. May, 2014 -- Lovely here but rain in Aberdeen

        I’ve been waiting for these for a while but today they arrived. They are swallow nests and I will fit them up under the eaves of some of our buildings so that our swallows can find new homes to compensate them for the barns now being off-limits. They certainly look very comfortable
      • Thursday 8th. May, 2014 We all go our separate ways

        Yesterday as I returned with Mix in the afternoon I took some pictures of flowers in the garden, today as I approached Mount Pleasant I snapped this bush which overhangs the fence. It is in full bloom and absolutely beautiful

        Today was a day in which we all went our different

      • Wednesday 7th. May, 2014 – A beautiful day .. until the rains came

        Late this afternoon I went into Duns to post some letters which I hope will be delivered tomorrow. I paused by the post box and took this picture – the little square is really quite attractive

        I rose and walked Mix and then breakfasted in the farmhouse. Tom texted me to say

      • Tuesday 6th. May, 2014 -- I am admitted to the Presbytery of Duns

        Mount Pleasant in the late afternoon sunshine, surrounded by trees and looking fabulous

        I got up and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom arrived and we set out for Abbey St. Bathan’s to visit the saw mill there. Our purpose was to ascertain if we could buy seven metre lengths o

      • Monday 5th. May, 2014 --- Tom doesn’t do Bank Holidays

        Standing and putting the world to rights while the concrete mixer does its thing. Digger and Tom are discussing our next project which involves putting a roof on a barn that lost it some years ago

        Got up and walked Mix before breakfast and then went across to the Barn and star

      • Sunday 4th. May, 2014 – Back in Harness (on a day when harnesses were everywhere in evidence)!

        The exterior of Ladykirk which we visited with Tom and Dorothy this afternoon

        Woke early and walked Mix before breakfast in the farmhouse. Then Rachel, Mum and I drove to Cranshaws where, in Ann’s absence, I conducted the service with help from Dorothy and Rachel on the them

      • Saturday 3rd. May, 2014 – Quite an uneventful day

        This afternoon Rachel cut the grass in the garden behind the Granary. It may not look much in the picture but it had got totally overgrown and after another cut it will be back to being really smart

        I slept in – quite deliberately – and Rachel brought me coffee in bed afte

      • Friday 2nd. May, 2014 -- Stella

        I heard today that one of the finest ladies I have ever met has died. Stella was an elder at Arrochar Church where I served for almost fifteen years. She became an elder soon after I arrived and she was still serving as a member of the Kirk Session when I left. During the whole of the ti

      • Friday 2nd. May, 2014 – Still working on that floor

        Taken on Mix and my walk late this afternoon – the sun was shining brightly and the fields are taking on their different colours. It is very beautiful

        I got up, walked Mix, breakfasted in the farmhouse and then came and looked through some emails until Tom arrived. Our task

      • Thursday 1st. May, 2014 --- Happy Birthday Mix

        Mix arrived with us when he was about eight and a half years old, having spent eight and a half months in the Dog’s Trust home near Glasgow and almost eight years in unhappy surroundings. Absolutely wild, no longer housetrained and distinctly neurotic when he arrived, he has turned int

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