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      • Saturday 25th. April, 2015 – My goodness, April is nearly past!

        What a lovely place in which to live! The view from our front gate

        Got up and walked Mix and then went across to the Bothy. The weather has broken and today it is wet but although the forecast was for rain all day it actually cleared up quite nicely in the afternoon.

      • Friday 24th. April, 2015 – Fun on the boat

        The final picture of Mum’s birthday. Here she is squinting into the sun while she sits in the Garden Centre at Berwick. If you look carefully you can see that now she is ninety-two she has been reduced to half price

        Up and walked Mix and then spent the whole day playing abou

      • Thursday 23rd. April, 2015 – Another presbytery meeting.

        Another picture from our celebrations yesterday – Mum blows out the candles on her birthday cake

        Up and walked Mix and then spent the whole day on presbytery activities with folk who wished to discuss things with me in both the morning and the afternoon and then a special me

      • Wednesday 22nd. April, 2015 -- Mum’s Birthday

        A picture of the family – Heidi, Digger, Olive, Mum, Rachel and Rowan – on the beach this morning. It was a spectacular day and a lovely way to spend part of Mum’s ninety-second birthday (there will be other pictures of today in ensuing entries)

        Today was Mum’s birthda

      • Tuesday 21st. April, 2015 Anti-fouling, removals and a Presbytery meeting thrown in

        I spent a large part of this morning lying under the boat just here – I really am getting too old for this. The green tape will be peeled off afterwards to provide a lovely straight line of black, at least that is the theory

        I rose and walked Mix and then decided that as it

      • Monday 20th. April, 2015 -- Removals and Antifouling

        Rachel bought the book she is reading when she was out shopping today. It is entitled ‘Care for your puppy’ and she is reading it in preparation for getting a new puppy from Sang’s latest litter. The puppy is already named ‘Bramble’ and we are able to watch her exploits on Sang

      • Sunday 19th. April, 2015 The Good Life continues.

        A picture of the Berwick Town Hall (the Guild Hall) where I attended a very special concert this afternoon

        Up a little later than usual because today I went to Ayton Parish Church (Mum and Rachel came with me) and the service didn’t start until 11 a.m. So I walked Mix, showe

      • Saturday 18th. April, 2015 – Electioneering!

        I took this picture of Eyemouth Harbour this morning. It really was this blue and it was a lovely, lovely day. I love this view of the working harbour even if there wasn’t much happening when I was here today

        Yesterday I learned that there had been a new poll out (probably s

      • Friday 17th. April, 2015 To the Dentist

        This is one of the fields opposite our home. It has now been got ready for a new crop. It won’t be any time at all until something is growing – I haven’t a clue what will come up but it will come up soon. Watch this space!

        I was up and away from home before six-thirty th

      • Thursday 16th. April, 2015 Peter and Linda come to visit

        I took this picture last week when Tom and I were part of a local congregational review team to Legerwood Church. On the day of the visit I showed a picture of the exterior of the lovely Church but I also took this picture inside of one of the oldest parts of the building. It is quite be

      • Wednesday 15th. April, 2015 Sending out materials to the Business Committee

        A picture I took on Sunday of my Godmother (my Aunt Agnes) and my mother outside the farmhouse

        This morning I got up and walked Mix before settling into the Bothy to prepare the bits and pieces to send out to the Business Committee. That’s now all done and I think that I am

      • Tuesday 14th. April, 2015 Durham win in Three Days

        With more books on the shelves the Bothy really is beginning to look quite good. It certainly feels like home to Mix and me

        Up and walked Mix before settling in at the Bothy to deal with Presbytery matters. It has turned into another very fine day and I resent being inside (es

      • Monday 13th. April, 2015 – The Election Gets Closer

        Our house tells the world – or at least that part of it which passes our door – where our sympathies lie

        Rose and walked Mix and then went and started to work through some of the paperwork for the Presbytery. There was a knock on the door and Charlie from the local b

      • Sunday 12th. April, 2015 – Low Sunday

        Robbie, Eric, Aunt Agnes, Mum, Jill, Rachel and Martin (with Rowan getting into the picture and enjoying the April sunshine)

        I got up, showered and had walked Mix by half-past eight. I breakfasted and then drove with Rachel and Mum to Gavinton Church where Stephen conducted th

      • Saturday 11th. April, 2015 – An all-day slog

        While I worked hard in the Bothy, Mix wandered outside to enjoy the sunshine

        I awoke and walked Mix. Rachel and I decided that as our rooms were totally destroyed – Rachel’s study and my Bothy – that we would spend the day trying to get them properly in order. I was keen

      • Friday 10th. April, 2015 – Busy again

        My lovely bothy in total chaos -- however, it is a step on a journey to having all the boxes of books opened and stored in their rightful places

        I was up and showered and out walking Mix by twenty to eight this morning because I had to meet with my life-style adviser at 8.30.

      • Thursday 9th. April, 2015 – Cleaning the Boat, finally!

        With the summer suns staring to hit the summer house I realised that it will soon be time to open it up again and resume summer living. I suppose that it could have been used right through the winter but in reality it has become a store until the upstairs in the Hen House has been comple

      • Wednesday 8th. April, 2015 – Off on a local Church Review

        I took this picture of Legerwood Church in the early evening. It is a beautiful building and obviously very well cared-for

        Normally I would have prepared the minutes of the Presbytery meeting last night but with having watched the leaders’ debate I had to do this today. So m

      • Tuesday 7th. April, 2015 – Presbytery

        Ann arrived to stay overnight and so that she and Rachel can plan their second kilt-making course -- after the enormous success of their first course. There will be a new level one course starting in a week's time and also a new level two course to be slotted in as well


      • Monday 6th. April, 2015 – Holiday Monday.

        This is Rachel's Easter tree -- we always have little eggs hanging from a tree made out of branches. Some have come from holidays at places like Prague with its wonderful Easter market), others Rachel has made herself: but Easter wouldn't be Easter without our Easter tree!
      • Sunday 5th. April, 2015 – Easter Day.

        A picture of lunch in the village hall at Westruther -- a really happy occasion with food enough to feed the entire presbytery and still have some left over!

        This morning Mum and Rachel got up and drove to Gavinton for Easter Communion conducted by Jeff. I drove to Westruther

      • Saturday 4th. April, 2015 -- Holy Saturday

        The Moderator, deep in conversation with two of the ladies from the local churches, tramping along beside the River Tweed on the journey from Abbotsford to Melrose

        Today I was back on Moderator duty. After getting organised, Rachel and I piled the dogs into Rachel’s Bongo an

      • Friday 3rd. April, 2015 – Good Friday

        When I arrived at Cranshaws Kirk, Janet was assembling her Good Friday Cross in the Church vestibule. It was just right

        I got up and walked Mix before doing a bit of work in the Bothy. Then I went off to Duns to attend the Good Friday noon service which was conducted by Stephe

      • Thursday 2nd. April, 2015 --- Maundy Thursday

        Tom took this picture of the Church at Abbey St. Bathan's on his telephone and emailed it to me as I had forgotten my camera

        Rose and walked Mix before moving into the Bothy to get caught up. Presbytery papers normally go out on Tuesday but I had been with the Moderator m

      • Wednesday 1st. April, 2015 – An Away Day with the Moderator and with the members of the Other Two Border Presbyteries

        John is deep in thought as he wonders how to address the ministers from the three Border Presbyteries

        Up and walked Mix, showered and was ready before nine to be collected by Alan who was our driver for today. In all there were Alan, Stephen, Jeff, David and me in Alan’s car

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