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      • Wednesday 30th. April, 2014 – A change in the weather

        Every evening everyone who is here eats together in the farmhouse. It keeps us all together and means that we all meet together at least once a day. We all do our own thing at lunch time. I normally eat in the summer house watching the news or a programme from i-player on my computer. Th

      • Tuesday 29th. April, 2014 -- On Holiday!

        Rachel worked today in the barn teak-oiling her spinning and weaving equipment prior to it being re-erected

        Woke and walked Mix up the Swinton Road – my goodness, it was nostalgic as it was something I have rarely done since the road was closed but which I used to do every d

      • Monday 28th. April, 2014 – The Bridge re-opens

        In the middle of this afternoon the bridge over the River Blackadder re-opened after being closed for reconstruction work for eight weeks and one day. For the next little while there will be traffic lights controlling the bridge while other necessary tasks are completed


      • Sunday 27th. April, 2014 -- Sunday and back to normality

        It wasn't the nicest of days as far as weather goes, so Mum spent the afternoon in her garden room, reading, in front of the stove

        After all of the excitements of the past few weeks (just last Sunday it was Easter) today everything is back to normal. Our service was in Ga

      • Saturday 26th. April, 2014 -- A Saturday relaxing

        The little former church dedicated to St. Aiden at Morebattle, now being restored as a holy space and a coffee shop

        Up, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse before setting off with Rachel (and Rowan) to pick up Tom and Dorothy to drive to Morebattle, near Kelso. Two of

      • Friday 25th. April, 2014 -- To market, to work and to Berwick

        A picture of the crowd beginning to gather at the Kelso racecourse for the auction sale today. We visited briefly, but seeing nothing which took our fancy, we were soon on our way

        Up and walked Mix before breakfast at the farmhouse during which Tom arrived to take me to the au

      • Thursday 24th. April, 2014 --- Rowan’s birthday

        Today Rowan is one year old – she has had treats all day (which Mix has enjoyed as well) and in the evening she came across with Mix and me to the summer house where I took this picture of her being coy

        I was up very early this morning – as was Rachel as she ran me to the

      • Wednesday 23rd. April, 2014 --- William Shakespeare’s 450th. birthday

        At lunchtime Rachel and I planted the tree which we gave Mum for her birthday yesterday. It is a Flowering Cherry and it is positioned so that Mum can watch it from the window of her garden room

        Up and walked Mix before breakfast in the farmhouse. Tom arrived and we set about

      • Tuesday 22nd. April, 2014 – Mum’s birthday

        Birthday coffee with gingerbread – this afternoon I joined Olive and Digger for coffee with Mum on her birthday. We ate gingerbread sent to Mum through the post by a friend in Kirkaldy and made especially for Mum’s birthday

        Up and set off with Rachel (and the dogs) for Pea

      • Monday 21st. April, 2014 – Easter Monday

        I spent today at Chester-le-Street watching cricket. It was a glorious day and my camera has a superb zoom. How is this for an action shot?

        I woke and walked both dogs before setting off for Durham to watch the second day of the game between Durham and Somerset. I arrived just

      • Sunday 20th. April, 2014 – Easter Sunday

        I took this picture of the advance guard as they arrived at the summit

        Woke at 4.20 a.m. (Rachel had stayed up all night) and we were at Tom and Dorothy’s home just after five. We all went together in Rachel’s car to a large lay-by below Cockburn Hill on the road to Abbey

      • Sunday 20th. April, 2014 --- Happy Easter

        Dawn as seen from the top of Cockburn Hill at 5.55 a.m. this morning
        Happy Easter

        Rachel, Tom, Dorothy and I brought in Easter with folk from our Church and from Abbey St. Bathan's, the small village near to this hill

        After a short service on t

      • Saturday 19th. April, 2014 -- Holy Saturday

        Walking with Mix this morning I took this picture on my camera. It is an idyllic scene and reflects life in this beautiful place. As we walked alone in the perfect sunshine I spared a thought for Luss which must be heaving with people today if the weather is anything like it is here. Som

      • Friday 18th. April, 2014 – Good Friday

        Digger standing in his allotment midway through the morning. It is such a glorious day – look at that sky: we could be in the Mediterranean

        Arose – it is a marvellous day: the kind of day you dream about. I went for breakfast and afterwards walked Mix before going for a sh

      • Thursday 17th. April, 2014 -- Maundy Thursday

        The cement mixer was back in action today as we set about building the second part of the floor in the big barn

        I awoke, walked Mix and breakfasted (on porridge) in the farm house. Tom arrived and we set about the task for the day which was to build the dwarf walls in the barn

      • Wednesday 16th. April, 2014 – A day of bits and pieces

        Spring has been heralded not only by the arrival of many birds but also by the appearance of more tractors than I have ever seen before. At one stage there were three working on this field just across the road from Mount Pleasant. I am looking forward to charting work on the fields aroun

      • Tuesday 15th. April, 2014 It feels like mid-summer

        Not much of a picture, I know, but it reflects today. We have all been doing lots of odds and ends; the sun has been shining (look at that shadow), and the dogs have been looking on. In this picture Rachel is demolishing the bit of fence that still remains from the one which signally fai

      • Monday 14th. April, 2014 – Monday in Holy Week and we make great progress

        The afternoon has come to an end and the first half of the new floor in the barn has been installed. It may not look level but I promise you that it is and that everything else is off line! It is also exceedingly strong and will hold the loom with no problem at all. I think that it is a

      • Sunday 13th. April, 2014 – Palm Sunday

        At Church the fund-raising committee is plotting a circle of coins right around the building (a total of 255 feet). We have just begun

        Today is Palm Sunday and, after showering, having breakfast and walking Mix, we set off for Gavinton Church (Rachel, Mum and I). At the door w

      • Saturday 12th. April, 2014 – Housework!

        A view over the ploughed fields of Mount Pleasant in the distance, taken as I walked Mix this afternoon

        Slept in until nine and then had a leisurely breakfast before starting work on the spare room in the Granary. I worked at it all day, stopping briefly for lunch, and then wa

      • Friday 11th. April, 2014 Progress under attack!

        Rachel unveils a new kilt in the Red Fraser tartan. For the past three days it has been under weights being pressed. Today it was revealed, packed and dispatched to its owner for whom it will provide three generations of wear

        Up and walked Mix along with Rachel and Rowan. Enjo

      • Thursday 10th. April, 2014 – A leisurely trip to Stirling

        I took this picture of Stirling Castle from King’s Park in Stirling – the park is close to where my meeting was held this afternoon and as I arrived early I had time for a wander before the meeting began

        There was a leisurely feel to everything today. I got up in a leisure

      • Wednesday 9th. April, 2014 – Olive’s last day at work

        This morning over breakfast we were discussing Edrom. None of us knew where is was but its name had come up twice in recent weeks. Once we were told that we lived in the parish of Edrom and on a second occasion we were told that we came under the catchment area of the Edrom Community Cou

      • Tuesday 8th. April, 2014 – a change of plan

        A picture of Tom on my new ladder fixing the ventilation shaft on the roof of one of the barns

        I awoke this morning in the middle of a very confusing dream. I haven’t a clue what it was about (I couldn't even remember any of the details) but it felt as if it had been go

      • Monday 7th. April, 2014 – The work begins (and the cricket season begins at Durham)

        My ‘new’ cement mixer (bought at a recent agricultural market) was in action for the first time today

        I was up early today, leaving Mount Pleasant by six-thirty to get Olive to Berwick in time for her train. Still, this is her second last day at work.

        Back home

      • Sunday 6th. April, 2014 – The Fifth Sunday of Lent and we visit another church

        Here we are, Mum, Tom and Rachel, outside Cranshaws Kirk in the tiny and fairly remote village of that name

        Up and showered before walking Mix and breakfasting in the farmhouse. We then set off for Cranshaws not really knowing how long it would take to get there. In fact we we

      • Saturday 5th. April, 2014 – A retirement kind of a day

        This afternoon we went for a walk along the disused railway line not far from where we live. We’d been here before but the dogs seem to enjoy it and I like to look over the surrounding fields, some with animals in them, some with crops

        Slept in this morning – not at all by

      • Friday 4th. April, 2014 – A day of bits and pieces

        The new (and first of many) floor-beam may not look horizontal – but it is absolutely so, as the spirit-level proves (it is just that everything else is off-line)!

        Up and went to breakfast with Marie and Robbie in the farmhouse. Tom arrived to join us, as did Rachel. It was

      • Thursday 3rd. April, 2014 – Poor weather, good company

        I had never (to my knowledge) been to St. Abb’s Head before. Here I was looking down on the harbour. It was an enchanting little village

        Rose and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom arrived and he and I set off for Pearson’s while Rachel and Dorothy set off for Berwick and a

      • Wednesday 2nd. April, 2014 – Another really lovely day

        After my day at Bede’s World yesterday, perhaps it was overkill to spend part of today at the Lindisfarne Priory museum. Maybe so, but I thoroughly enjoyed it

        Rose very early and Mix and I drove Olive into Berwick at 6.30 a.m. After today Olive will have only two further suc

      • Wednesday 2nd. April, 2014 --- Some of the photos I took yesterday in Jarrow

        This fine sign welcomes the pilgrim to Bede's World and announces that this area, in the heart of one of England's poorest areas, was a candidate for World Heritage site status -- something it has not, as yet, achieved.

        Bede's World museum was a millennium proje

      • Tuesday 1st. April, 2014 – An exciting visit

        A picture of the exterior of Bede’s World in Jarrow where I spent the majority of today

        Up early and walked the dog before Scott arrived to collect me at eight and drive me down to Jarrow (we arrived at about quarter to ten) where we visited Bede’s world. Bede is one of th

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