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      • Tuesday 31st. March, 2015 – The Moderator comes to Mount Pleasant

        This is Dryburgh Abbey Hotel and, as can be seen from the picture, the sun is shining. During the course of today we had everything: sun, rain, snow, sleet and high winds. But throughout it all, it remained very pleasant.

        I was again up early, showered, walked Mix and set off

      • Monday 30th. January, 2014 (later) An Eventful Afternoon

        There is always a camera when the Moderator is around. Kimberley from the local press catches Andy (on the left) receiving a Bethlehem dove from the Moderator

        I drove back to Eyemouth after a late morning at Mount Pleasant (during which I prepared some of the documentation for

      • Monday 30th. January, 2015 (early) On Eyemouth Golf Course!

        A Picture of the Moderator with his two playing partners in front of the spectacularly situated club house

        This morning, having walked Mix and dealt with emails, I drove down to Eyemouth Golf Course where the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Rig

      • Sunday 29th. March, 2015 – Palm Sunday

        I took this snap of Annie, one of the stalwarts of Gavinton Church, outside Longformacus Village Hall where we enjoyed our palm Sunday service this morning

        The clock went forward but even so I managed to get up and hour earlier than I had intended and it was before eight (new

      • Saturday 28th. March, 2015 – The start of our Moderator’s visit

        Another picture from yesterday – a mountain of puppies and all doing well

        Rose and walked Mix. Then I went across to the Bothy to start to get things ready for the presbytery mailing which is due to go out next Tuesday but Tuesday will be a very busy day because the Moderato

      • Friday 27th. March, 2015 – an Away Day to Visit Sang and his puppies

        It is less than three days since Bramble was born and here she is sitting in Rachel’s hand while Ella looks on protectively

        Rose, walked Mix and set off with Rachel to visit Sang in Alloa. We stopped off in the town to buy some bits and pieces for a snack lunch and then desc

      • Thursday 26th. March, 2015 -- Head down getting things sorted out

        I snapped this butcher’s advert when we were in Kelso at the weekend but the reason for including it here is that the butcher’s main shop is in Duns and he (Greg Foston) has been in the news for designing a Scotch Egg for Easter – sausage meat around a Cadbury’s chocolate egg!
      • Wednesday 25th. March, 2015 – Catching Up

        This is a picture of the ruins on Kelso Abbey which I took at the weekend when we were on tour with our visitors. It must have been a magnificent abbey in its day. What a pity so many of these buildings were destroyed

        Up and walked Mix and then settled in at the Bothy to write

      • Tuesday 24th. March, 2015 -- A Business Committee Day

        I snapped Rachel looking very happy in the new coat she got from Tweedside Tackle when we visited Kelso on Saturday afternoon. Doesn’t she look good?

        I woke and immediately turned on my i-pad. Instantly it was clear that the New Zealand versus South Africa game was going to

      • Monday 23rd. March, 2015 -- Our Visitors Depart

        These beautiful plants were brought to Rachel by Morag -- don't they look good?

        Up and walked Mix. Breakfasted and then spent quite a long time first with Bill and then with Morag setting up the built-in GPS system in Bill’s car. Next time they come it should shorten th

      • Sunday 22nd. March, 2015 – Touring Again

        The communion table is covered with stones -- Church Stones -- with which Jeff illustrated his address on 'building on the rock'.

        After walking Mix and breakfasting with our visitors, I drove them and Mum to Church, Rachel having gone on ahead to get the organ into o

      • Saturday 21st. March, 2015 – On Tour

        Here we are outside the ruins of Kelso Abbey, reading all about what is to be seen within. We had a very happy visit

        After walking Mix and a leisurely breakfast with Bill, Morag and Cathy we all climbed into Rachel’s Bongo and set out on our adventures. We went first to Kels

      • Friday 20th. March, 2015 -- Our Visitors Arrive!

        This is the result of Rachel's pinhole experiment -- eclipse over Mount Pleasant

        Walked Mix and then waited with Rachel for the eclipse of the sun. Unfortunately the sun was hidden by cloud for most of the time but Rachel did get a super picture of the ecipse using a pin

      • Thursday 19th. March, 2015 – Preparing for Christian Aid

        Now this boat does look as though it is just a little bit loved!

        After walking Mix and having my porridge I went off to a Christian Aid meeting in a lovely home up near the Golf Club – people were playing, it was a lovely morning, and it made me long for a game of golf. I’

      • Wednesday 18th. March, 2015 -- Off to the Theatre

        Mix is king of all he surveys!

        Walked Mix and then set off to meet up with Tom and go to Andrea’s for a Stewardship Committee meeting. In fact there was only Tom, Andrea and me at the meeting but we enjoyed Andrea’s coffee and talked through some ideas. Clearly the role o

      • Tuesday 17th. March, 2015 -- Boat Cleaning!

        A fine dog -- Rowan is looking good in the garden. I wonder how she will react when her baby sister arrives?

        This morning, after walking Mix, I met with one of my colleagues in the Bothy to talk through some of the issues coming up in presbytery – I am still on a steep learn

      • Monday 16th. March, 2015 – A bit of everything

        A red letter day for Alison and Olive both of whom completed their kilts and their kilt course this afternoon. I pictured them in the stables with their kilts and with their certificates. Well done! A new course will begin very shortly

        I got up, walked Mix and breakfasted on p

      • Sunday 15th. March, 2015 – The Ides of March

        Back in Sang’s manse, I took this picture of Sang with his Mum and Dad before setting off for home

        I was up early today so that I could shower and walk Mix and still have plenty of time to drive to Alloa to attend Sang’s Church this morning. Sang worked with me in Luss and

      • Saturday 14th. March, 2015 – A Day Cleaning the Boat!

        I worked hard today cleaning several years of grime from Olivebank. It is still a work in progress but this shot of the cockpit shows that I have made some progress (although not yet of the deck)

        Up and walked Mix and then started work on cleaning Olivebank something which wen

      • Friday 13th. March, 2015 – Sixty-nine today

        I was presented with this blue badge by Olive and Digger. The whole tone of the place has been raised

        I woke and discovered that England’s game was rain interrupted but that they seem to have got the better of it and have a relatively easy target in a limited overs run chase

      • Thursday 12th. March, 2015 – Well, at least I now have a clean car!

        Wheels on, mast down, ready for work to begin

        David arrived early this morning to put the wheels back on to Olivebank’s trailer; he then took my car away to be valeted. He brought it back several hours later very clean indeed. I’m told that the person cleaning out the car

      • Wednesday 11th. March, 2015 – Lots of Fun!

        You can see from this picture that the shelves are filling up now – and there are still so many boxes yet to unpack!

        Walked Mix – I saw the Robertson’s of Duns bus that hit me yesterday, but today I was on the other side of the road because I had moved over to get around

      • Tuesday 10th. March, 2015 – St. Kessog’s Day

        Today has been a gloriously sunny and warm day – the wind has dropped. It has been lovely. It doesn’t look like that in the picture because it was taken at six o’clock this evening once the sun was down. But the picture shows Olivebank without her wheels – they are away being re-

      • Monday 9th. March, 2015 – Working Away

        Even after loading in lots more books, with Rachel’s books transferred to her new study, I have quite a lot of room left – just as well, as there are many, many boxes waiting to be opened

        I got up and walked Mix. Came home and had a plate of porridge for breakfast and then

      • Sunday 8th. March, 2015 – A Special Sunday in our Congregational Story

        A picture which I snapped while walking Mix today – the wind has dropped but we are expecting it to return

        I woke later than usual on a Sunday morning and got up in an extremely leisurely fashion. Rachel was already up and was soon off to Berwick to attend the service at the

      • Saturday 7th. March, 2015 It is incredibly windy – and the wind just goes on and on

        Rachel’s study is now taking shape. After the erection of the bookcases, now the books have started to arrive and Rachel’s childhood desk and a rocking chair and a very attractive rug

        Slept in because it is Saturday. That’s not actually true, what I mean is that I woke b

      • Friday 6th. March, 2015 – The World Day of Prayer

        Spring is on the way!

        Up early and at the doctor’s surgery before half-past eight to see a life-style adviser who talked me through my life and took me to task for being overweight. Learned that I am an inch and a half shorter than I used to be and have to lose around four s

      • Thursday 5th. March, 2015 --- It wasn’t to be!

        I took this snap out of the kitchen window of the Manse at Cranshaws -- what a lovely view from a kitchen window!

        Well, it wasn’t to be. Bangladesh actually won quite comfortably with eleven balls to spare and plenty of wickets in hand – but Kyle Coezer was ‘man of the m

      • Wednesday 4th. March, 2015 – Off to Cranshaws and to the Theatre

        Rachel's new study is beginning to take shape

        I was up early and walked Mix before setting off to Tom’s for half-past eight. He and I went up to Cranshaws to help with the final stages of getting Ann off to her new home. David arrived to take down some light fittings an

      • Tuesday 3rd. March, 2015 – Presbytery

        Ann and her son Dave who are slaving away at the Manse trying to get everything packed so that they can move to South Queensferry tomorrow

        Again I was in the bothy, having walked Mix, before eight and I spent the day getting everything ready for the meeting this evening. In pa

      • Monday 2nd. March, 2015 – Running Around

        A clean car

        I was up and had walked Mix in time to be in the Bothy and at work by half past seven. Soon after eight Tom arrived and he drove, with me following in my car, to St. Boswell’s so that my car could be examined under a recall notice to do with the steering. Given t

      • Sunday 1st. March, 2015 -- Ann's last Sunday

        This is a snap of the congregational lunch at Gavinton Village Hall. You can see clearly what a good time we are all having

        Got up to the news that Sri Lanka had bettered England’s target with ease and the loss of only one wicket. England must now hope desperately that their

      • Saturday 28th. February, 2015 – An Ordinary Saturday but with much to do.

        Rachel spent much of today in the Stables, not kilt-making or weaving, but working with her glass. Here she is grinding a piece of glass to size before fitting it into her latest creation

        I got up and walked Mix. He seemed pleased that I was home and, even although it was very

      • Friday 27th. February, 2015 – And the Journey Home

        I saw this building as I walked home after our evening meal last night. I was really taken with the squinty door -- I'd love a door like that

        I woke at seven with the light streaming into my ground floor bedroom and the most glorious view of Canterbury Cathedral filling t

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