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      • Monday 31st. March, 2014 – Back to the grind-stone

        Most of the day was spent cleaning the inside of the roof of the barn – here Tom is on the scaffolding tower and Rachel is watching as he brushes the grime off the roof beams

        I was up early today and set off for Berwick with Olive about twenty-five past six (concerned lest t

      • Sunday 30th. March, 2014 – A Super day in every way

        A picture of the watering can filled with flowers which we gave to Mum for her garden room on mother’s day (Mix gave Mum some chocolate to make up for what he had earlier stolen)

        Up at seven on my alarm clock (which was really six because of the hour change). I showered and

      • Saturday 29th. March, 2014 – working – and on a Saturday too!

        It was misty when Mix and I had our late afternoon walk. During the day there had been sheep on the banks of the River Blackadder below out house but when we returned in the late afternoon all were heading off in the distance making their way home – and there didn’t appear to be anyo

      • Friday 28th. march, 2014 – A really relaxed day

        It is late in the afternoon and everyone is walking dogs. I am taking this picture with Mix by my side out of the picture; Mum has just returned with Heidi and Rachel is setting off with Rowan. Well, that’s country living

        Up early and breakfasted in the farmhouse before Oliv

      • Thursday 27th. March, 2014 – Making progress

        The barn is empty – well actually not, as a load of wood has arrived to form the supports for the new floor which we hope to install very soon

        Up and walked the dog before breakfast and then Tom and I had a run-through of the music for Sunday in Church. As this is the fifth

      • Wednesday 26th. March, 2014 – My goodness but it got cold today

        This afternoon, while I was working in the summer house, Mix just wanted to keep as close as possible to the heater

        I was up extremely early and, after defrosting the car, was away to Berwick with Olive before six-thirty, returning to the summer house an hour later. First I wa

      • Tuesday 25th. March, 2014 – The best-laid plans ...

        Today’s picture comes from last night when I accompanied Rachel as she put the hens to bed. She has just provided them with their tea and so they are happy to be outside the their home eating the grain. Rachel will give them a few minutes and then come and shut them up safely in their

      • Monday 24th. March, 2014 – Big steps forward!

        This is what a barn looks like when it is almost empty – it would have been completely empty but I had to spend the rest of the day in the summer house (and Tom had to re-fence his goats)

        Up extremely early and was in the summer house with Mix by six o’clock, moving boxes

      • Sunday 23rd. March, 2014 -- The Third Sunday in Lent

        The sun was shining as we walked to the bridge this morning. Mix is always fascinated to see what has been going on

        Rose early (before the alarm went off) and showered and dressed and then took Mix for a walk down to the bridge. The sun was shining and it was remarkably warm i

      • Saturday 22nd. March, 2014 – Working in the Summer House

        Today was a day of emptying boxes

        Slept in and by the time I awoke Rachel had taken both dogs out for a walk (last night's snow had disappeared). I got up and was across for breakfast at the farmhouse before Mum was collected for her day out at Paxton House at a women’s

      • Friday 21st. March, 2014 – Our friends move on

        I took this picture of the summer house from atop Ianthe in the courtyard of Mount Pleasant. There is still work to be done – not least the shingles, but these can’t be fitted until we get warmer weather and until the winds stop blowing

        Up early and after sorting out some

      • Thursday 20th. March, 2014 – A windy day

        In the afternoon we gathered around the stove in the farmhouse – Digger (recuperating from his operation), Sue (my sister-in-law, come to see how he was getting on), Olive, Morag, Cathy, Mum and Bill)

        Up early – had I slept much? I’m not sure, it was so windy that I was

      • Wednesday 19th. March, 2014 – Jaunting around (as retired people do)

        We visited Henderson Park in Coldstream this afternoon. It had recently been set out with new plants – and they looked great!

        I was up early this morning and away from Mount Pleasant by 6.30 a.m. taking Olive to Berwick to catch a train (Mix came with me as always). We were

      • Tuesday 18th. March, 2014 – Welcome Visitors from the West

        The garden at Mount Pleasant is just beginning to come to life. Some of it is wild like this bit in front of the farmhouse, but now the daffodils are coming through

        I got up this morning to a telephone call from Tom saying that his plans had changed and that he would be along

      • Monday 17th. March, 2014 – Saint Patrick’s Day

        We were back at work today with a vengeance – here Tom is cutting sarking to make the Hen House swallow-proof

        It was two in the morning before I was in bed and asleep last night and I was up at six to drive Olive to Berwick to catch a train to Dundee. Back home I walked the

      • Sunday 16th. March, 2014 -- A Stupendous Day

        I took this picture this afternoon while we were trying to discover where we were going to for the wedding reception

        Up extremely early this morning, with both dogs walked by half-past seven and me in my kilt and wedding gear by eight. Spent an hour going over my wedding servi

      • Saturday 15th. March, 2014 – The Ides of March

        This morning we were at Gavinton Church and Rachel – the figure in the distance – had a good look at the Church from a different angle

        Up (not too early) and walked both dogs before returning to the Granary, lighting the stove (it is really cold today) and making Rachel a

      • Friday 14th. March, 2014 – My Birthday Outing!

        Today Rachel took me out for lunch (because both she and I were away yesterday). We ended up at Eyemouth and saw the boats in the harbour and in the Eye Water

        Up early (because the ‘phone rang and I had to answer it). Breakfasted in the farm house using my new (birthday) po

      • Thursday 13th. March, 2014 – My Birthday

        My birthday trifle (and yes, there were candles) – I love trifles and this one was made for me by my sister-in-law Sue

        Up early, showered and walked Mix before breakfast at the farm house. Rachel joined us today because it was my birthday. Immediately afterwards, Dorothy arr

      • Wednesday 12th. March, 2014 – Looking back, it was a very good day

        Berwick Station where I dropped off Olive at seven and picked her up again almost twelve hours later

        We assembled in the courtyard at twenty-past six. I was to drive Olive to Berwick to catch an early train to Dundee, Sue (Scott’s wife) was to drive Digger to the hospital in

      • Tuesday 11th. March, 2014 -- More of the same

        Walking the dogs in the sunshine this afternoon, a lovely blue sky and up there, smiling down on us, the moon

        Woke early and was out in the summer house by seven trying to make some sense of all of the boxes with which it is filled. Didn’t have a great deal of success. I wal

      • Monday 10th. March, 2014 – Saint Kessog's Day -- The big battle commences

        This is a picture of the empty barn – we call it the stables for no other reason than it used to have half-doors when we arrived here. Those who have been following this blog will remember that Tom and I made new doors to secure this barn. This barn has been prepared to store all of th

      • Sunday 9th. March, 2014 – The First Sunday in Lent

        I took this picture of the River Blackadder on our morning walk

        Woke early and got up. Mix and I walked down to the bridge and back again before breakfast and then Mum, Rachel and I set off for Church. This is the first Sunday since the road was closed so we left in plenty of

      • Saturday 8th. March, 2014 – A Total Tidy-up

        A view of the bridge from the bridge as we walked the dogs this afternoon

        Slept in (quite deliberately) and by the time I woke, Rachel was up and about and had walked both dogs. Rachel brought me coffee in bed, I completed my book and it was after ten before I got up.
      • Friday 7th. March, 2014 St. Boswell’s Market and the World Day of Prayer

        The view as we parked our car at St. Boswell’s this morning – a lovely sunny day and hundreds of people raking around through the items to be auctioned

        I got up and walked Mix, grabbed some breakfast and was ready for Tom and Dorothy when they arrived at nine. Today was th

      • Thursday 6th. March, 2014 – The staircase is completed

        It is quite difficult to photograph a staircase – but here it is: complete. Now we have access from the ground floor to the first floor and refurbishment can continue more easily than before

        Woke and walked Mix with Rachel and Rowan. We made our way down to the bridge and ba

      • Wednesday 5th. March, 2014 – Ash Wednesday

        This picture belongs with yesterday’s entry. Rachel took it on her telephone and it shows me tossing a pancake while Mum looks on.
        Rachel emailed the picture to me but it didn’t arrive until today

        Woke early (I was actually awoken by a text message from Amazon telling

      • Tuesday 4th. March, 2014 Pancake Tuesday

        We used to catch sight of this doo cot as we drove into Duns – now the road is closed we can walk there with the dogs and have a proper look. It is rather smart

        Woke and walked Mix down to the bridge – on the way we saw three deer. They weren’t in the least fazed by the

      • Monday 3rd. March, 2014 – Our road is closed

        Our road will remain closed for the next two months

        Woke and got up, with walking Mix first on my agenda. Discovered that the road outside our house running from Duns to here was in the process of being closed. It will be closed for eight weeks or so and, far from this being a

      • Sunday 2nd. March, 2014 – Transfiguration Sunday

        These yellow roses with pussy-willows were in Church this morning making the Church very attractive (or even more attractive than it normally is)

        Woke and walked Mix. The Swinton Road was very quiet but then it is Sunday. From tomorrow the road from our home to Duns is due to

      • Saturday 1st. March, 2014 – St. David’s Day

        This morning the sun was shining -- it was if Spring had arrived and I felt good

        This morning I slept in. Well, it wasn’t really sleeping in because I didn’t set my alarm and I didn’t plan to wake at any particular time. (One can do that when one is retired.)

      • Friday 28th. February, 2014 – The long journey home

        Vadstena sits on the bank of a beautiful lake

        I was woken by my alarm at 6.30 a.m. I showered and dressed and then packed my bag, stripped my bed and went for breakfast at 7.30 a.m. so that I could join the others in Church for the service of Holy Communion at 8 a.m. As it was

      • Thursday 27th. February, 2014 In Conference at Vadstena

        Some of the folk gathered around the table as our talks began

        Up at 6.30 a.m. to shower and have a short walk before breakfast at 7.30 a.m. (egg, cold meats, cheese, coffee) and then it was off to Church (Bridget’s Church and, after a fire at the original one, the parish chu

      • Wednesday 26th. February, 2014 – Off on my travels

        Taken in the gathering gloom, this is a picture of the Pilgrimage Centre in which we stayed. My room is the one in the middle of the first floor above the room with the light on it. It was lovely and everywhere was surrounded by trees

        I was up at five so that I could shower, g

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