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      • Thursday 26th. February, 2015 -- A long train journey

        The view from my bedroom window -- it doesn't get much better than this

        I was up at half past five this morning, showered and driven to Berwick by Rachel in time to catch the nine minutes past seven train to London. It was an uneventful journey and I had no one sitting be

      • Wednesday 25th. February, 2015 – Our journey to Muirkirk

        Here is a picture of Muirkirk which I believe, until I am corrected, that this was Bill and Morag’s Church. David and I found it and I tried to get in but the door was locked but it seemed very well-cared for and rather special

        Today David and I set off in the Bongo for Muir

      • Tuesday 24th. February, 2015 – A Presbytery preparation day

        It has been cold for a few days now and Mix has taken to wearing his jacket when we go out for a walk. I have never had a dog who was so happy to dress up before, but it must give him warmth in these cold times

        Up and walked Mix and then quickly got into the Bothy to get thing

      • Monday 23rd. February, 2015 -- Starting to get ready for Presbytery

        This afternoon Ann, our minister popped in to visit and I took this snap. Ann has really been my first minister -- growing up as I did as a manse-kid and then being a minister myself for so many years. I have enjoyed her ministry and we will miss her and her husband Jack when they leave

      • Sunday 22nd. February, 2015 – Ann’s last ‘official’ Sunday at Duns.

        It was cold today, and windy ... but it was warm inside the church and lovely to see all the daffodils a sign, if one was needed, that Spring is just around the corner

        Up and walked Mix before setting off with Mum and Rachel to Gavinton Church where Ann was conducting her fina

      • Saturday 21st. February, 2013 – A Good Day

        In the west we had midges and rain and traffic jams; here we have wind. If you doubt that, this used to be a brand-new tarpaulin firmly fixed over the bows of Ianthe, now it barely exists. The wind here can be ferocious .... I still prefer it to the midges, the rain and the traffic jams<

      • Friday 20th. February, 2015 – in the office and out at Kelso

        I snapped Olive, Ann and Alison as they were hard at work making kilts. I like Fridays because we always get lunch

        Rose early because I had an appointment at the doctor’s surgery to check on my alleged asthma! I really am feeling extremely good and the doctor told me that I

      • Thursday 19th. February, 2015 -- Off to Stirling today!

        Today my car completed 100,000 miles. That’s an awful lot of driving, although I doubt if it has actually been all that far at all, just over the same roads over and over again. I wonder how many miles it did between Luss and Arrochar – and how many more it will do between Mount Plea

      • Wednesday 18th. February, 2015 – Crieff and Berwick

        I took this picture of the main entrance as I left. Crieff Hydro is very grand!

        I had intended to get up at seven but I turned over when the alarm went off and woke with a start at quarter to eight. Still I showered and was down at breakfast for eight in time to have something

      • Tuesday 17th. February, 2015 – Off to Crieff

        I was given this huge bedroom on the ground floor – what an enormous bed (but very comfy – no wonder I slept in)

        I was up and showered and in the car ready to set off for Crieff by six in the morning. It was far too early but an hour later would have been far too late, all

      • Monday 16th. February, 2015 – A lovely day

        It was a lovely day today and in the late afternoon Mix and I went out for a walk. I thought to myself, ‘I haven’t walked along Bramble Avenue since last Autumn, I'll see what it is like today’. Mix was walking ahead of me and without a word from me he turned into Bramble Aven

      • Sunday 15th. February, 2015 – Communion Sunday

        A lovely picture of the communion table, speckled with sun-light, and with the elements covered with their starched white napkins. Just as it should be ...

        Walked Mix, showered and soon afterwards set off with Mum and Rachel for Gavinton Church and the service of Holy Communi

      • Saturday 14th. February, 2015 – A Sorting Out sort of a day and, of course, St. Valentine's Day

        Today Digger fitted the vent to his dome – the idea being to keep the hot air inside during the winter months. I held the vent while Digger fitted the screws (and then I took the picture)

        After Mix and I had gone for a walk, we started to sort things out in the Bothy. The ac

      • Friday 13th. February, 2013 Not Quite as Planned

        Whenever I am passing on a Friday I pop into the Stables and take a picture of the kilt activities which are within. I like to see how they are getting on (and it also reminds them that I am here so that they remember to invite me to join them for lunch, which today as always was most en

      • Thursday 12th. February, 2015 – Off to the theatre again

        Mix has been noticing that there are definite signs of Spring in the air; fields are ploughed, the days are lengthening and there is a feeling that everything is starting to wake-up after the winter months

        Walked Mix and settled down in the Bothy to try to tie up the loose end

      • Wednesday 11th. February, 2015 – Transported by the RSC

        At lunchtime today, Tom, Dorothy, David and I ended up at the soup lunch in Gavinton. It was Ann’s last such lunch and to mark the occasion Alison got out her guitar and sang ‘Will you no come back again?’ Mum was also here having come under her own steam with her friend, Annie
      • Tuesday 10th. February, 2015 – Another Presbytery Day

        Well, I am always happy to take a picture of the fields around here at harvest time, so why not now when they have been ploughed and will soon have crop sown. Everything around here seems so fertile. It is a lovely place to live

        Up and walked Mix before starting on some of the

      • Monday 9th. February, 2015 – Normality returns

        Mix and I went for a walk just as dusk was falling and I took this picture. I think it catches the mood of this time of year

        I was up ready to welcome the plasterer at 7.30 a.m. (he normally arrives about 7.40 a.m.) but today he didn’t get here until a little after eight as

      • Sunday 8th. February, 2015 – And a really relaxing Sunday again.

        The Church flowers were given to Dorothy this week. She celebrated her birthday and has also been a bit under the weather

        Really appreciated today after all the hard work of the week. I rose, walked Mix and went with Mum and Rachel to Gavinton Church where the readings were of

      • Saturday 7th. February, 2015 – The plaster-boarding is complete!

        What an incredible sky this evening – it bodes well for tomorrow

        Rose, walked Mix and had a lovely shower ( my first of two today). I drove along to Tom’s and together we went to Cranshaws where we helped dismantle furniture and load it into a van.

        By the time

      • Friday 6th. February, 2015

        Shona with her Mum and Dad (and Ann and Rachel) setting off for home having received her certificate and completed her kilt

        Today Rachel’s celebration was that Shona, one of her students, completed her kilt. It looks magnificent and some of her family came to see where she w

      • Thursday 5th. February, 2015 – And another day hard at work

        Rachel (with her hair cut) and Ann leaning over the Mount Pleasant farm gate

        There is little to report today. I walked the dog and then got stuck in to plaster-boarding in the Hen House. I plaster-boarded until six o’clock at which point I went and joined the family in the f

      • Wednesday 4th. February, 2015 – Back in dungarees

        This is the window which Rachel plaster-boarded and has turned into something which is a thing of beauty (or at least it will be once it has been plastered next Monday). This house building really is quite satisfying

        Rachel and I had intended to start early in the Hen House bu

      • Tuesday 3rd. February, 2015 – A Presbytery Day

        It really isn’t anything to write home about, but this is the first snow we have seen since we came to live in the Borders. While everyone else has been having quite a difficult time, our climate has been gentle and kind. (Those who know Rachel will not be surprised to see that we stil

      • Monday 2nd. February, 2015 – Candlemas

        Rachel and I worked all day in the Hen House today and at the end of it we have completed the ceiling and all but completed the wall which looks out on to the courtyard (if you know what I mean). There is still a lot to do before next week but we shall be at it all Wednesday and would ho

      • Sunday 1st. February, 2015 – So much to hope for ... but not today!

        Through the wonders of television I was able to be transported to Australia this morning: to Melbourne for the Australian Tennis Final, and to Perth for the final of the tri-nations cricket contested by England and Australia. I remember as a teenager how I sat up and listened to the earl

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