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      • Tuesday 25th. February, 2014 – Welcome visitors

        Enjoying a chat with Lorraine and Cathy in the summer house

        Up early to walk the dog and have breakfast before getting my things ready for my trip away tomorrow. I drove Mum to Duns for her hairdressing appointment and when I returned Cathy and Lorraine had arrived to visit us

      • Monday 24th. February, 2014 A relaxing day

        It’s a dog’s life – and it is rather good!

        Up and walked Mix on a fresh morning with just a smidgen of rain in the air. Breakfasted – I’m still on porridge -- and went back to the Granary to sort out some bits and pieces. Tom arrived and soon had our gas fire operati

      • Sunday 23rd. February, 2014 – A Happy Sunday

        The flowers in Church this morning were given by my mother (today would have been my father’s ninety-third birthday)

        Today must have been one of the most blustery days of the winter so far. Extremely windy, not a little rain and really quite cold. Mix and I walked and then I

      • Saturday 22nd. February, 2014 – A day of some indolence

        “Are you coming?”

        I meant to include this picture yesterday. I took it when Mix and I were exploring our woodland walk. I forgot, so here it is today.

        I have been lazy today. I didn’t get up for breakfast (I told everyone I wouldn’t yesterday). In fact I sle

      • Friday 21st. February, 2014 – Delivery day

        Bright and early the Pearson’s lorry arrived with all of our plasterboard

        I was up early with Mix walked at the crack of dawn so that I was ready in case the plasterboard delivery arrived really early. In fact I had time for breakfast, after which Tom and I went into the Hen

      • Thursday 20th. February, 2014 – A day with a bit of everything in it

        A picture of the stage for Twelfth Night taken before the show began – it was superb

        Set my alarm for seven and was on the go shortly afterwards, walking Mix and then meeting with Tom in time to be up at Pearson’s just as it opened at 8 o’clock. Pearson were having a 15%

      • Wednesday 19th. February, 2014 – All hands to the pumps

        By the time I had the summer house in order it was already dark outside

        Tom was already here when I returned from walking Mix so he joined me as I had breakfast in the farm house and then Digger and Rachel joined us in the Hen House to see if we could complete the ceiling in t

      • Tuesday 18th. February, 2014 – In the Hen House

        Today both Digger’s hens were walking around the allotment

        Today it was fair when I awoke – the rains came later. Mix and I walked, I breakfasted, Tom arrived and we recruited Rachel, all going off to the Hen House to start work on the library there. In particular our task

      • Monday 17th. February, 2014 – The week takes off

        In the midst of all the chaos, one of Digger’s hens (a Scottish Grey, I understand) walked serenely around the compost heap

        Today began early with the arrival of the men to re-point the chimney on the farmhouse. That meant the erection of scaffolding, the starting up of the

      • Sunday 16th. February, 2014 – A Happy Sunday with Holy Communion

        It was Communion Sunday at Gavinton Parish Church and the Ewer was sitting on the Communion Table when we arrived for the service

        Got up, showered and walked Mix before breakfast. Then Mum, Rachel and I set off for church. It was communion Sunday and a happy service. Ann read

      • Saturday 15th. February, 2014 – A Saturday in Retirement

        Mum and Rachel and finishing off their Parma ham and melon – Rachel's defence against my intrusive camera is to wave the wine bottle (a very pleasant sparkling white). The television is on in the background because we have become avid followers of the Winter Olympics


      • Friday 14th. February, 2014 – Saint Valentine’s Day

        I am often asked where exactly we are. This sign is outside our home and contains all the information you need to find us

        Up, showered and breakfasted and then met with Mike, our financial adviser who had come to sort out some remaining matters to do with my pension. As a resu

      • Thursday 13th. February, 2010 – A Day of Comings and Goings

        Mum in her new Garden Room – the plates are up and ornaments in place

        Lots happened today: Rachel spent the day in Berwick at her stained glass class and then spent the evening in Berwick (again) this time singing with the Berwick choir. Mum was collected this evening by a n

      • Wednesday 12th. February, 2014 – We move on to big boys’ joinery

        First thing this morning Mum was in her new Garden Room

        Up extremely early and set off with Olive by 6.30 a.m. to take her to the railway station at Berwick. Again it is extremely cold and when I came back home I climbed back into bed just because it was so very warm and welco

      • Tuesday 11th. February, 2014 – Carpet laying

        By the end of the afternoon the carpet had been laid and the former scullery had become a pleasant Garden Room

        Up and walked the dog before breakfast. I had expected Rachel and Tom to join me at this point but both were waiting for me to call them (unbeknown to me). So I clear

      • Monday 10th. February, 2014 – A busy day

        Duns Station – well, it was until the mid 1960s. This was the station building, now it is part of Thorburn and Sons where we shopped this afternoon

        Up early and walked Mix before breakfast; even although it was Monday morning the road was extremely quiet. It is so cold that

      • Sunday 9th. February, 2014 – I am annoying with my camera

        On the way into Church I snap Rachel while she is in mid flow of ‘Oh, not again’

        Up early and walked Mix in the freezing cold. Showered, breakfasted and Rachel and I went off to Church at Gavinton. Mum didn’t come today, being a bit out of sorts (put down to the fish sup

      • Saturday 8th. February, 2014 – Painting and decorating

        Mix is in his office in the car as we get ready to take Digger to Berwick this morning

        Up early and walked Mix before driving Digger to Berwick so that he could catch a train to Edinburgh to join friends and watch Raith Rovers against Hibs in the Scottish Cup. Back home soon a

      • Friday 7th. February, 2014 – A visit to Wooler and the Winter Olympics begin

        In the canteen at the Wooler auction mart – they serve excellent bacon rolls

        I was up earlier than usual this morning so that I could shower, walk Mix and have my porridge before Tom and Dorothy arrived at nine. We set off for Wooler for the annual sale at the auction mart

      • Thursday 6th. February, 2014 – A day with the dogs

        Rowan isn’t used to spending time in the summer house but she made herself at home on this chair

        Up and walked Mix. It is still very cold but at least it is fair. I breakfasted in the farmhouse and Rachel set off for Berwick to attend her stained-glass class. Digger set off

      • Wednesday 5th. February, 2014 – The long trek home

        Canal view

        Again – it almost goes without saying on the boat in wintertime – we slept late. It is so cold outside and so cosy inside. Even the dogs don’t want to move. It was nearer ten than nine when I got up and walked Mix along the tow path, admiring the boats, greeti

      • Tuesday 4th. February, 2014 – At Barnoldswick

        The idyllic bit of the countryside The Young Rachel calls home – ours is the boat which still has its front cover on

        Slept late – it is so comfortable in bed on the boat. Got up about half-past nine and took Mix for a walk along the tow path, looking at all of the boats as

      • Monday 3rd. February, 2014 – Off on our adventures

        Rachel and The Young Rachel – just we left her and looking really welcoming with smoke coming from her chimney

        Slept in – that’s a good start – and just made it to breakfast: my but it is cold! Walked Mix and by half-past ten we were ready to set off for Rachel’s nar

      • Monday 3rd. February, 2014 -- Early!

        This is partly by way of apology and partly by way of explanation. Rachel and I are setting off this morning to check up on Rachel's narrow boat leaving Mount Pleasant in the capable hands of Digger, Olive and Mum. We'll only be away for three days but during that time I will n

      • Sunday 2nd. February, 2014 – Candlemas

        I pass this field every day walking with Mix – it looks so fertile and I’m looking forward to seeing how it changes over the year

        Woke – and it was a lovely fresh morning with the sun shining. Went out with Mix – and realised that it was an extremely cold day. Breakfas

      • Saturday 1st. February, 2014 – Getting on with getting on

        The beautiful view from the front drive of Mount Pleasant this morning

        Slept in this morning – not hugely but by the time I emerged it was nine o’clock so Mix and I went across for my breakfast and it was only after I had enjoyed my porridge that I took him for a walk alon

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