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      • Saturday 31st. January, 2015 – It’s the end of January already

        It still isn’t tidy – and all of my books have still not been brought here – but it feels comfy and it feels like home. Even although it is bitterly cold outside it heats up warm, and Mix and I love it

        Rose, walked Mix and soon it was time to welcome two of my ministeria

      • Friday 30th. January, 2015 – A Trip to Jarrow

        I left Mount Pleasant this morning shortly before Dorothy was about to give a spinning demonstration to the kilt-making class. I arrived at Bede’s World at Jarrow and when I walked through the door the first thing I saw was a spinning group in full flow. Wonderful!

        Up and wa

      • Thursday 29th. January, 2015 – Another interesting day

        By the end of today it is possible to take a picture of the bedroom in the Hen house that begins to look as though one day it (the bedroom) will have walls

        Rose and didn’t walk Mix because as I sorted the fire in the lounge I discovered that Andy Murray was playing in the se

      • Wednesday 28th. January, 2015 – Lots of Different Activities!

        This is the Hen House bedroom ready for us to start work. We hope to completely plaster-board the room over the next couple of weeks. It shouldn’t take all that time, but there are so many other things to do as well – as today’s story indicates

        I got up and walked Mix, m

      • Tuesday 27th. January, 2015 -- The studio is plastered

        The studio has now been plastered and is starting to dry – some bits will take longer than others because of the remedial work which had to be done around our fairly inferior joins. But once it is dried and painted it is going to look superb

        Rose early and welcomed Simon bef

      • Monday 26th. January, 2015 – Rachel, Ann and Olive are on the television!

        I took this picture before eight o’clock this morning just before Simon started work on plastering over the plasterboards. This is the before, watch this space for the after ...

        Rose early and welcomed Simon the plasterer about quarter to eight. I helped him carry the plaste

      • Sunday 25th. January, 2015 – An extremely busy Sunday

        This afternoon I had to drive nine miles south of our home to the picturesque village of Coldstream to attend a meeting. I parked in a little off-road car park, from which this was the view. Special, isn’t it?

        The day started badly, at seven-thirty with Gavinton Church relyi

      • Saturday 24th. January, 2015 – A Really Good Day

        A picture of Ann with her Vestiarium Scoticum – I suppose this is to kilt makers what the Rossdhu Book of Hours was to us at Luss. It is the first published work which records tartans and ascribes them to their clans. Whether it is a work of scholarship or a sophisticated sales brochur

      • Friday 23rd. January, 2015 -- Another day at the Office

        Ann admires Kate’s work – that really does look good!

        Up and walked Mix and then started work in the Bothy – all Presbytery bits and pieces, emails, statistics and preparation for the next Presbytery. Next door in the Stables the kilt-making course was going well and

      • Thursday 22nd. January, 2015 – And another day yoked up

        Ann has arrived in preparation for the kilt-making course tomorrow and now, over a cup of tea from Rachel’s favourite tartan tea-pot, they are planning tomorrow. Mix has wandered into the shot, wondering no doubt what all of the hilarity is about. After all, kilt-making is a serious bu

      • Wednesday 21st. January, 2015 – A day in harness

        Now that I have evacuated the spare room I have fitted up a desk behind the sofa in the Bothy. It works very well. I have a computer and printer and some filing space as well. I also have a little dog who sits beside me while I work

        Up and walked Mix before settling down to de

      • Tuesday 20th. January, 2015 – The Business Committee

        This has been Digger’s project over recent times: designing and constructing this bookcase which neatly fills the alcove beside the fireplace in their lounge. In recent days books have been emptied from the barn and loaded onto the shelves; the empty spaces are for books which are pile

      • Monday 19th. January, 2015 -- Hard at work

        Here is the first item in the new spare room. I bought it from a travelling rug salesman. I know you shouldn’t do that but I enjoyed it and I like the rug. I used to buy similar rugs from a similar van salesman when I lived in Buckhaven, thirty years ago – and I still have the rugs a

      • Sunday 18th. January, 2015 – A cold Sunday

        The flowers in Church this morning were provided by Mum and bought and put in the vase by Rachel (yesterday). They looked very good and it is a lovely thought that every week flowers are taken to folk who are elderly or ill in the community

        Rose and walked Mix (it was very col

      • Saturday 17th. January, 2015 -- A long lie and a finished project

        At last the room is completely cleared out – the little cupboards are empty and everything is ready for its new life

        Slept in today. In fact it was about half-past ten before I got up and walked Mix. It was lovely and I was so comfortable.

        I spent the morning comp

      • Friday 16th. January, 2015 – Kilt-making in the Granary

        I took this picture of some of the activity within the Granary today. Digger and I struggled across with the huge table top at first light, but everyone was warm and happy

        Up and walked Mix and while everyone was at work making kilts, I was across in the Bothy trying to make t

      • Thursday 15th. January, 2015 – Off to Cranshaws

        The entrance to Cranshaws Kirk, a beautiful old building in the village of that name where our congregation holds a service twice a month

        Up and walked Mix and soon afterwards Tom and Dorothy arrived: Dorothy to go with Rachel into Berwick for their glass-class, Tom to take me

      • Wednesday 14th. January, 2015 – Progress

        Today was the day of the January lunch in aid of Church funds at Gavinton Church. We are a small congregation but, as the picture shows, lunches are well supported. Today we were served soup and cake by Gay and Christine. It was excellent

        Rose, walked Mix and settled into the

      • Tuesday 13th. January, 2015 -- More of the same

        I have rearranged the Bothy to enable me to store more in it – temporarily, you understand!

        I got up and walked Mix and then spent some time dealing with emails in the Bothy, there were quite a lot so this took quite a bit of the morning. By lunch time, however, I was not on

      • Monday 12th. January, 2015 – The first of a number of ‘boring’ days

        Today, while tidying through things in the spare room, I found this costume -- the picture was taken on a river cruise in Egypt: happy memories

        This week is going to be tedious to read about, I’m sorry. My task, as I have already written, is to clear the spare bedroom, pack

      • Sunday 11th. January, 2015 – Two Services today

        The Church at Edrom is a beautiful one. I took this picture after the service while folk were enjoying tea and chocolate cake -- there is an attractive little area at the back of the church which has been cleared of pews and is used for small receptions: today we spilled all over the chu

      • Saturday 10th. January, 2015 – A Trip to the Cinema

        Rowan had a visitor for the day today – it is Beth pictured here with Rachel and Rowan on the sofa, Beth’s acceptance made clear by the fact that she has Rowan’s best ball in her mouth

        Rose and walked Mix before doing a bit more clearing of the spare bedroom. I’ve put

      • Friday 9th. January, 2014 – Nothing ever works out quite as you plan

        I took this picture during a lull in the television filming at the Stables today. From the left: Fiona Armstrong (the presenter), Ann, Rachel, Shona and Olive

        Well, what a wild night it was: wind, gales, rain and huge gusts shaking everything. I slept little and was up a littl

      • Thursday 8th. January, 2015 --- Ann arrives to be ready for tomorrow

        After the dreadful mess I showed you yesterday, I have to report that the Bothy really is taking shape and is going to be a lovely addition to our facilities

        Rose and walked Mix and then went across to the Bothy to check on emails for the presbytery and to sort out some of my

      • Wednesday 7th. January, 2015 -- Chaos all around

        The picture that I should never have shown – the chaos which is the spare bedroom, clothes everywhere all piled on top of a bunk bed because we have no cupboards or wardrobes. Finally I am starting today to put this situation right. The drawers are all open because I have been seeing w

      • Tuesday 6Th. January, 2015 --- Epiphany and a special meal

        It is Epiphany, Twelfth Night, and that means that the Christmas decorations have to come down. In the old days decorations were often left until Candlemas on 2nd. February and Rachel says that she is going to leave a few things up until then as well. However, tonight the tree and other

      • Monday 5th. January, 2015 – I start my new job

        Here is a picture of the Christmas tree in the farmhouse at Mount Pleasant. I suppose that tomorrow it will have to be taken down and everything always looks so bare after the decorations come down

        Today I got up and walked Mix and soon it was time to set off to meet with the

      • Sunday 4th. January, 2015 – Back home and off to church

        Now I took this picture yesterday but I wanted to share it today. It is, I believe, one of the most beautiful stretches of the Leeds Liverpool canal and is part of the stretch between Barnoldswick (where the Young Rachel is moored) and Salterforth (to where Mix and I like to wander in th

      • Saturday 3rd. January, 2015 – The long journey home

        This morning I again walked Mix to Salterforth and I took this picture of the cutting as I looked over the canal bridge at the Lower Park Marina. The picture has caught the light of the morning and I just love to look at all of the boats. I noticed that this year there are quite a few of

      • Friday 2nd. January, 2015 – The rain has stopped!

        I took this picture this afternoon. We are below the Greenberfield locks and because it is winter and the greenery has largely disappeared (or perhaps because we are more observant today) we have noticed this ‘little canal’ to the right of the present day canal. Perhaps this is a rem

      • Thursday 1st. January, 2015 --- New Year’s Day

        Green boat with cream walls, white over red stern, centre of the picture just to the right of a boat with a raised cockpit: that's the Young Rachel. She is lovely and being on board is quite the nicest place to be

        Woke and got up in quite a leisurely fashion and took Mix

      • Wednesday 31st. December, 2014 --- It’s almost a new year!

        There have been lots of pictures this year but this one which I took just a moment or two ago is one of my favourites. It’s our library and only a few months ago this was an old bothy with no roof and with a ground base that had been used over the years for bonfires and refuse. It real

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