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      • Friday 31st. January, 2014 – It has got extremely cold today

        Not a very attractive picture – but it is where we are today

        My goodness but it has got cold today, positively freezing in fact and during the day there have been flurries of snow. It seems inconceivable that there is not more to come.

        Mix and I went for our morni

      • Thursday 30th. January, 2014 – Rowan’s sister Daisy comes to visit

        Daisy in the farmhouse kitchen

        Today was a red-letter day for Rowan because today her sister Daisy came to visit. Fiona, a friend of Mum, brought her down with Linda when they both came to see where Mum had settled. Mum was delighted to see Fiona and Linda – Rowan was more t

      • Wednesday 29th. January, 2014 – Another great day

        Rachel is installing her new printer – a wireless one which for now is sitting on top of Rowan’s home

        My alarm went off at 5.45 a.m. and by half past six I had showered and, along with Mix, was sitting in my car ready to drive Olive to Berwick to catch an early morning tra

      • Tuesday 28th. January, 2014 – A thoroughly good day

        The boxing-in is now beginning to look very good indeed

        I’m sitting writing this in my summerhouse. It is dark outside and I can hear the rain pelting down on the roof. It is all very cosy and beside me Mix is sound asleep on his huge new cushion.

        The day started

      • Monday 27th. January, 2014 – Like the Curate’s Egg: good in parts

        Dressed for the task in hand

        With a lot to do this week I was up early, Mix was walked and I was breakfasted in time to drive behind Digger to the garage in Duns where his car is to repaired – broken alternator by all accounts. (Tom suggested that he could treble the value

      • Sunday 26th. January, 2014 – Rachel looks after the music

        Rachel has installed our organ and is providing the music for our service today

        It is Sunday and we have to be at Church earlier than usual because Rachel is providing the music for the service (to allow Gay to welcome her brother home from Australia). Mix and I walk in the po

      • Saturday 25th. January, 2014 -- Burns Night

        Domestic bliss – Rachel, Rowan and Olive around the stove before dinner

        Woke and walked Mix – the first of two walks for later in the afternoon Mix and I set out for a long walk along the road to Fogo. Saturday is a pleasant day to walk because there is very little traffic

      • Friday 24th. January, 2014 – We celebrate Burns with the young folk of Our Lady and St. Patrick’s High School

        Some of the young folk and invited guests at this year’s celebration of Rabbie Burns at Our Lady and St. Patrick’s High School

        Rose immediately the alarm went off and walked Mix, showered and changed into good clothes, breakfasted in the farmhouse and then set off with Rac

      • Thursday 23rd. January, 2014 – Working on Mum’s Morning Room

        The Morning Room at the end of today’s work programme -- what an improvement, but you'll see there is still much to be done

        After I woke I took Mix for a walk up the Swinton Road. It was fresh and a little warmer than yesterday, I think – although by the end of the da

      • Wednesday 22nd. January, 2013 – A Visit to the Dentist (and the Doctor too)

        Rachel at the dentists – she has just had a tooth out, hence the lopsided look

        Woke and walked Mix. By breakfast time Digger had already taken Olive to the train at Berwick so that she could set off to lecture in Dundee. I showered and set off with Rachel for Edinburgh to vi

      • Tuesday 21st. January, 2014 – Another job done

        Tom checks that the new doors do actually open

        Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Only when I went across for breakfast the farm house door was locked – everyone was still asleep. Out in the courtyard Tom was already at work so I went and joined him. We fitted door facings

      • Monday 20th. January, 2014 – I learn new skills

        Tom with the new door we made today

        Woke early because Rachel had to get off to Glasgow where she was meeting Ann at the exhibition of crafts at the SECC. I walked Mix and then breakfasted in the farmhouse. Tom and Dorothy arrived and we set about our task for today which is t

      • Sunday 19th. January, 2014 A real Sunday – and with Sunday lunch as well!

        Mum is clearly enjoying herself after Church in the hall over coffee at Gavinton

        Woke to discover that it was raining hard, but that didn’t stop Mix and me from setting out on our early morning walk. Sunday’s walk is always special because there is nothing at all on the ro

      • Saturday 18th. January, 2014 – A real Saturday at last!

        Mum in the room that will soon be her morning room

        I’ve never had Saturdays before. For all of the years of my working life they have been the day before Sunday and a really busy day. At Luss, for the last fifteen years, they have usually been wedding days. So while other pe

      • Friday 17th. January, 2014 – What a lot we got done

        I took this picture of Tom and Dorothy’s goats when we stopped at their house to pick up the trailer

        The alarm went off and I lept out of bed ready to walk Mix and start the day. I breakfasted on porridge and retired to the Granary, to the summer house, to complete the tidy-

      • Thursday 16th. January, 2014 – Chaos


        I woke early and was out on the road walking Mix earlier than usual. In part this was because I had to ensure that Rachel was up in time to breakfast and walk Rowan before meeting Dorothy at nine o’clock when they both set off together for Berwick to attend a stained-g

      • Wednesday 15th. January, 2014 – A Good Day

        Springfield House in Stirling where I attended a meeting of the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum today

        Today has been a good day – that’s not just a platitude, it’s what my father used to say at the end of almost every day, and I remember him when I say it. It is amazing th

      • Tuesday 14th. January, 2014 – And it’s back to where I started!

        Some of the folk in the Pilgrimage Centre at Luss this evening

        Woke and started on the new regime to lose weight by having porridge for breakfast instead of egg and bacon. Then tried to walk that little bit faster with Mix (who seemed to quite enjoy it).

        Back at the

      • Monday 13th. January, 2014 – Cold, and frosty as well

        Mix has found a way to keep warm

        It was another cold and frosty morning. I got up and walked Mix before returning to the Granary – no breakfast at the farmhouse today because Olive and Digger were away in Dundee for the day. My task was to go into the farmhouse every hour or

      • Sunday 12th. January, 2014 – It’s cold!

        Just before the sun came up on the Swinton Road

        I awoke and was out on the road with Mix before the sun rose. The sky was spectacular and I took a number of pictures as we walked. I rather liked this one – we are deep in the countryside but power cables are passing overhead

      • Saturday 11th. January, 2014 -- Spring Cleaning has begun

        Mix loves his new home

        Slept in today and only just managed to get across to the farmhouse for breakfast at nine. Then I lingered long over breakfast and it was half-past ten before I had walked Mix and returned to the Granary – and this was to be such a hard working day. We

      • Friday 10th. January, 2014 – An evening of wonderful music

        A view of the early morning sun as Mix and I walked the Swinton Road this morning

        Got up and walked Mix. It was crisp and clear and the sun was just beginning to shine through the trees in that wintery, watery way which is so unique to this time of year – turning so many t

      • Thursday 9th. January, 2014 – Success!

        Lunch time at Pearson’s

        I’m writing this entry, as planned, from the summerhouse. That doesn’t mean to say that the summer house has been completed, far from it, there are still a number of tasks to complete: but I have moved in. My desk is here, my armchairs are in plac

      • Wednesday 8th. January, 2014 – Rolling along

        We gathered around the farm table for an early tea this evening

        Woke early and went out with the dog. After two weeks when there has been no traffic at all on the roads, things are now quite busy between 8.30 and a quarter to nine: I suppose that it is people driving into Dun

      • Tuesday 7th, January, 2014 – Life resumes after a wonderful Christmas holiday

        Relaxing in a fully carpeted summerhouse

        The title of this entry is, I suppose, accurate, except for the fact that now I seem to be on holiday for always. Certainly it feels like holiday and, not only that, but a really good holiday as well.

        Today the task was to tu

      • Monday 6th. January, 2014 – The Twelfth Day of Christmas and the decorations have to come down

        Mum and Rachel

        Mum and Rachel have gathered before dinner for a preprandial sherry. Of course, as it is Twelfth Night all of the Christmas decorations have had to come down and Mum is sitting re-reading her collection of Christmas Cards. Every year she seems to send more than

      • Sunday 5th. January, 2013 – Epiphany, the eleventh day of Christmas and a day of working in the summer house

        Mum visits the workers at the summerhouse – it was cold as evidenced by Mum’s woolly hat (look carefully and you will see my reflection in the window)

        Rose and walked Mix before showering and enjoying breakfast in the farmhouse. Mum, Rachel and I drove to Gavinton to atten

      • Saturday 4th. January, 2013 – The Tenth Day of Christmas

        Four generations of the Whiteman family who worked Mount Pleasant Farm and lived in the farmhouse a long time ago (pictured at the then front-door of the farmhouse)

        It is in the Pirate of Penzance by WS Gilbert that the Major General comes to humble himself before the tombs of

      • Friday 3rd. January, 2014 – The Ninth Day of Christmas and a very windy one

        When I awoke our fence had all but disappeared

        I was awake from early this morning – not because I wanted to follow the cricket but because of the wind which was whistling around the Granary. (The cricket was a bit of a parson’s egg: Durham players took seven of the Austra

      • Thursday 2nd. January, 2014 – The Eighth Day of Christmas and the fun just goes on

        How things used to be

        When we came to Mount Pleasant, the Websters had left us a number of old photographs. This is one of them. It shows the farmhouse before the extension at the side (to the right in the photograph) had been built. The doorway is right in the centre, quite

      • Wednesday 1st. January, 2014 – New Year’s day and the seventh day of Christmas

        For the first time we are gathered around the table in the lounge at the farmhouse

        Happy New Year! If every day this year is as good as today then we are going to have a really wonderful year. I went back across to the farmhouse last night – everyone was playing a card game

      • Tuesday 31st. December, 2013 – Hogmanay and the Sixth Day of Christmas

        Tom and Rachel at work

        Woke for the last time in 2013 – a year which has been supremely eventful for me. I started the year in work with two parishes to look after and ended it retired and with only myself and my family to look to. I’ve always had projects – doing things

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